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I want to bake a big cupcake...?

...But I don't have anything for cooking this cupcake in besides some glass bowls. Can I use these to bake the cupcake in? They are clear class bowls, not the glazed-looking ceramic bowls... I don't want to damage the bowls, but it would be just the same as cooking in those 9x13 glass dishes right?


The bowl isn't very big... Its probably... three inches deep and has a diameter of four inches... will my cupcake still burn if I maybe cook it on a lower heat for longer?

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    You're better off cooking it on lower heat for longer, but it depends on the depth of the batter in the bowl as to how long it will take. You could be looking at hours before this thing is done.

    You are probably safe using the glass bowls. Look on the bottom of the bowl and see if there is anything that says "oven-safe" or "do not bake."

    Then I'd probably try 275 degrees and check it after 45 or so minutes to see how it's looking. That's just a guess, though. Stick a butter knife in the middle (to check doneness). When it comes out clean, it's done.

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    Best way is to make one by building it from layers. Make a lot of layers and shape it into a cupcake.

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