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What's the best lip balm for chapped lips?

I have full lips so they get dry and chapped very easily. I usually use aquaphor but I'm trying to find a balm that won't be as shiny. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Like you, I have full lips which are prone to dryness. Where I live, over 6 months of each year is exposed to cold temperatures and unusually windy days, so I really need something that works. I've tried Maybelline Baby Lips, different types of Burt's Bees, Twist & Pout, varying Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, different types of Blistex, Chapstick, and Bonnebell lip smacker. None of these even compare to my favourites, which are The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick and Clinique Superbalm lip treatment. I use the Clinique one at night and use The Body Shop one during the day.

    A couple of products that have good reviews that I'd still like to try include: C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, EOS, and Nivea A Kiss of Moisture.

    p.s. I'm not obsessed with lip balms. hahaha I'm just really into skin & beauty and have tried a lot of products. :)

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    Actually, I have to alternate between a few different lip balms, unfortunately. I always have Carmix handy. That stuff will do the "repairing" of the wounds; however, it may not make your lips feel comfortable. I hate that uncomfortable feeling of having dry lips. So I switch between Carmix and then Bistex (the blue). Btw when I kiss my boyfriend when wearing Bistex he always asks me what I have on my lips bc the smell / feel turns him on. It's very smooth. I would wear the Carmix at nighttime and usually by the morning they're semi-healed. Sometimes even they heal completely overnight. I also LOVE Burts Bees the yellow one... I think that may be the best lip balm I've ever used, but I still had to wear Carmix at night or some medication at night.

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    What's the best lip balm for chapped lips?

    I have full lips so they get dry and chapped very easily. I usually use aquaphor but I'm trying to find a balm that won't be as shiny. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Burts bees does wonders! So does the maybelline baby lips :)

    I'm not sure if you have this available wherever you live, but here in Australia we have Lucas' paw paw ointment. It's used for extremely chapped lips as well as things like cuts, abrasions, etc... It's absolutely amazing and literally makes my lips smoother overnight during winter especially.

    Also, covergirl natureluxe tinted lip balms really work. Although they're tinted, they are all natural and also do wonders for chapped lips.

    Then there's also Carmex, Corres, rosebud salve, blistex...most cosmetic brands also have lip balms too. It's all about what works for you :)

    Good luck, and I hope I helped!!

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    I have chapped lips and I use chapsticks, vaseline, petroleum jelly, burts bees there's loads! For me, as long as it hydrates my lips I use it. Also drink lots of water as it keeps u hydrated. For me I have to use stickier and gooier lip balms and stuff as they stay on for longer. Don't lick ur lips if u have chapped lips. It makes it worse. Carmex, kiehl's lip balm 1#, smith's rosebud salves, Shea lip care stick are some more examples. I have so many in my bedroom there will be no way I can say them all. Hope this gived u sum lip balm ideas tho I've not tried some but my friend recommends them. She has more chapped lips than me.

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    I have extremely chapped lips too. You should use your Aquaphor before you go to bed so your lips won't be as dry in the morning. :)

    Eos is a great product, but I like something that fits in my pocket. :)

    Carmex is also really good, but it does kind of give off an odd scent.

    Babylips are very moisturizing, and they come in many different tints + they have two that aren't tinted.

    Nivea's Milk & Honey worked very well for me but I lost mine. :( But Nivea does have more lip products which I assure you will work.

    I heard Burt's Bees works too, but they are really pricey. :(

    Hope this helped! :)

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    Vasaline really does the trick. Lather some on before you go to bed and it will work and moisturize throughout the night!!! I did a video that shows you LOADS of ways to use vasaline if you're interested. I'll link my channel below.

    Also, I really enjoy the Nivea Kiss of Moisture lip balms. They keep my lips so smooth.

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    EOS lip balm is the best lip balm I've ever used. The Summer Fruit one is my favorite, it's a red shade, kinda looks like egg. :)

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    I personally LOVE Lip Smackers, but they don't really help with chapped lips! I would recommend Burts Bees, EOS, Balmi, or even just Vaseline or Petroleom Jelly.

    Hope I Helped!


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    This simple steps help you get rid of chapped lips.

    It’s easy and quickly, just three steps. ◖◗◖◗◖◗

    The first step, use a soft and clean and dry toothbrush to remove the dryness on your lips.

    The second step, mix olive oil and brown sugar, then scrub the lips with the mixture gently in a circular, then rinse your lips.

    The last step, add a little vaseline.

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