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Should I go into environmental engineering?

I am going to be going to the University of Michigan as a transfer student. I really want to go into a degree that allows me to study the environment. I will probably minor in political science. Now to my point.. I'm not sure what degree I should go into. At first I thought environmental studies or environmental policies but the engineering part appeals to me also. However, in high school I was not the best at chemistry or advanced math. It might have been just because I didn't have the drive and dedication I do now. Would it be best to go into the environmental studies where this is much less math involved or really push myself to go into engineering? I'm not sure if I could really handle it or what is involved.. Any ideas?

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    If calculus and other math isn't second nature, you are going to have a hard time in any engineering major at U-M since their college of engineering is very competitive and is home to a very large amount of extremely intelligent, and motivated students. It's somewhat unfortunate, but that's what you get at a top 10 engineering school.

    Make sure you think out what college you plan to apply to at U-M. If math isn't your strong suit, you should probably apply to the college of LS&A instead of CoE.

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