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Do i have to be lazy to get ssi?

,This whole ssi thing, i gotta tell ya... lol... people who have nothing wrong get over a G a month... out of tax payers checks... but how come the people who need it cant qualify? I know people right now actually laughing about cheating the sys, but it makes me wonder how they even get it? So i cant just tell em i need it. I gotta fake a fkin retardation? If people with no problems get it.. wheres the ssi for people who need it?

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    This is a national problem, starting in childhood and continuing

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    Why Have SSI-disabled Children Caseloads Risen?

    There are several possible explanations for the increase in SSI-disabled children program growth that can be broadly classified into two groups: (1) those that are exogenous to the program--changes in the underlying severity of disability among children and (2) those that are endogenous to the program--Welfare Reform, the size of SSI benefits relative to AFDC/TANF benefits, specific changes in SSI-disabled children program rules and their interpretation and implementation over time. Economists have examined each of these possible explanations and generally concluded that although each played some role, factors that are endogenous to the program had the largest impact on both the growth and fluctuations highlighted in figure 1.

    Hence the disabled child's interests are represented by the parents and, to a lesser extent, by the state. While this is reasonable, it means that the decision to apply for SSI-disabled children benefits can be based as much on the family's economic circumstances as on the child's disability and specific needs for care. Indeed, Rupp and Ressler (2009) find that the probability that a parent with a disabled child is working is driven by variables other than the severity of the child's impairment. Thus for those who are working at the time of the child's health shock, a parent or parents will be forced to decide whether to leave or reduce employment to care for the child. For the vast majority of Americans with long work histories, stable jobs, health insurance, and family income well above the minimum income protection of the SSI-disabled children program, it is highly unlikely that they will turn to this program for assistance.

    These figures show that changes in program rules (especially the Zebley decision), and the subsequent administration of these rules, are affecting the patterns of program growth in figure 1. Hence, the growth in the SSI-disabled children rolls does not seem consistent with changes in the underlying health conditions among children. Rather, it appears to be based on increases in applications and acceptances onto the rolls that revolve around program eligibility rules and their implementation.

    In sum, the research findings above provide plausible evidence that SSI-disabled children program growth has primarily been driven by factors other than the declining health of poor children. Loosening of program rules in the wake of the Zebley case has made it more difficult for gatekeepers to judge eligibility and welfare reform has increasingly made it in the interest of poor single mothers who have children with some impairments to apply for the more lucrative SSI-disabled children benefits often with the assistance of states attempting to reduce their TANF costs.


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    SSI - one in 38 persons

    See how many for your state and county

    $50 billion a year, just in cash payments, plus medicaid, food stamps, energy, housing, more.

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    I'm only going to address the SSI issue - not social security - because SSI isn't social security.

    Less than 4.5% of the population receives SSI. There are 350 million people in the US which means that around 15 million people receive SSI. 83% of those people get disability benefits; the rest are over age 64.

    SSI stands for supplemental security income which is the federal welfare program for people of limited income and resources who are blind, disabled OR over age 64.

    Single people cannot have countable resources totaling $2000 or more. Married people - $3000 or more. SSI does not count the value of one motor vehicle or the value of the home a person lives in in determining countable resources.

    If a person living in their own household or paying their fair share of expenses has another source of unearned income of $730 or more they are not eligible for SSI. Any other income received by them or their spouse reduces the amount of the SSI benefit. Earned income also reduces the amount of their SSI benefit if they earn more than $85 a month.

    If a person is living in the household of another then any other income exceeding $493 a month would make them ineligible for SSI.

    People who receive SSI also receive Medicaid and probably food stamps. They don't exactly live high on the hog. The highest ssi benefit is $710 a month.

    In order to be determined disabled a person must be incapable of working and earning $1040 a month in any type of work activity and the severity of the condition must be expected to last at least 12 months. More than 60% of claims filed for disability are denied. If you are one of those people then I suggest that you drop your lousy attitude, get trained and learn some skills and get a job. It is actually people like yourself with your attitude who give those on SSI a bad name. You are one of those people you are complaining about.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
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    If you know people who are cheating to get SSI, you are an accomplice after the fact. You need to report it to the SS Administration or the FBI or the local police. If you are just the usual idiot who claims to have believable information while in a group of like-minded idiots, keep voting Republican.

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    SSI is for retirement and the people who get disabled. But, you sound jealous of people getting it.

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