Does North Korea actually have any type of nuclear weapon?

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  • 8 years ago
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    North Korea has had three nuclear tests which resulted in nuclear explosions.


    Having a device that can make a nuclear explosion is NOT THE SAME THING as having a nuclear "WEAPON". These are individually put together test devices for learning about nuclear weapons. It is a "Test device" not a weapons system.

    Having something put together by scientists to lower into the ground and detonate nuclear for testing is NOT THE SAME THING as having a working warhead able to be mounted into a weapons system. It is not simply a matter of "okay, it works, now to go get some duct tape and bolts and mount it on the nose of a missile.

    And then again look at their tests to date. Their largest was 6 kilotons.

    6 kilotons will barely level a few city blocks IF that. We have conventional (non-nuclear) weapons more destructive than that.

    Blast radius of a 6 kiloton nuke is about .28 miles for a 15 PSI blast wave capable of destroying the most well built structures. By just over 3 miles, the blast wave would be only 0.25 psi and just break windows.

    By USA standards of 475 kiloton nukes, we would call those "duds"

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  • 8 years ago

    North Korea has been testing nuclear devices since 2006 (where have you been???). Several of these tests have been confirmed. The one in 2006 might have been a failure. Their first one that we KNOW for a fact was a successful test and was actually a real nuclear explosion was in 2009. They had another test in February of this year that was detected by a number of sources, and registered as an earthquake on equipment in China. But no radiation has been detected yet. It was an underground test. So it's possible that it was just a really huge conventional explosion that they were trying to pass off as nuclear. Still they DID, without a doubt, test a REAL nuclear device in 2009. So there's no reason to think they don't have one now. It is estimated that if they do have any at the moment it is between 1 and 4. At least that's the public "intel" that has been released. Regardless, unless China or Russia is kind enough to loan them an ICBM there is currently NO WAY they could reach the US with a nuke, even if they had one. If they do use one it would be against South Korea. Or who knows they may go nuts and launch it to Japan. That would sure suck for them......3 times in 1 century.

  • 8 years ago

    they have had tests so I would say yes. There is no way we can really know how far along they are in their program. Plus, look how many times the Government has been wrong on other issues. Its too late to say sorry We was wrong after a nuke hits a major US city, or even anywhere in S Korea. The smart thing to do now would be preemptive attack, a all out viscous attack that leaves them unable to start a war, let alone make threats.. However, that will never happen and the ones who cry not to do it will be the ones asking how they could do it after they attack first. Remember, Japan was a small nation and they attacked us to start our participation in WWII.

  • 8 years ago

    North Korea will be LUCKY if their Nuke missle doesn't FAIL, and fall back upon THEMSELVES.

    At some extraordinarily LUCKY shot.........they MIGHT hit some outer laying Aleutian Island, in Alaska, and take out a polar bear, or a walrus or two.

    As for their LAND army..........yes, yes...........VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Impressive.

    All those toy soliders dancing in such NEAT rows. Very impressive.

    And where are they all going?

    China? Can they SWIM? Because California and the West Coast is a long swim.

    and any North Korean SHIP would be blown out of the water, before it got past Japan.

    So what are they gonna do?

    Well, Invade SOUTH Korea of course..............


    and the SECOND their forces attempt to cross that DMZ.........what do you think will happen?

    We will carpet bomb them into charcoal briquettes.

    PLUSSSSSSSSS, THEYYYYYYYYYYYY are the ones who heavily mined THEIR side.

    So good luck with all THEIR troops, crossing their OWN Mine fields.

    Bascially, they got NO WHERE to way to GET there........and the second they fire ONE missle, they are freaking toast.

    All that military MIGHT.----------and how do they apply it? They can't.-

    We command the seas, the air, and ground..........we can Naval blockade their azzes........

    what are they gonna do......try to lob their ONE nuke at us. ?

    Yeah, will be the LAST thing they ever do.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yes, North Korea does have nuclear weapons and they have even tested them a few times. This really made the chinese angry that North Korea was testing nuclear bombs.

  • 8 years ago

    yes. they have a small number of nukes, each of which is about half the size of the one dropped on hiroshima back in the day.

    the chances of them using them are quite small though. Although they did test one a couple of weeks ago, and they have long range missiles. If they launched them then they would get shot down though and to be honest I dont think even NK are dumb enough to start something as they would be up against South Korea, Japan, USA, probably China, and probably NATO (Europe+USA)

  • Karri
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    8 years ago

    They have succesfully tested nuclear explosives. They also have rockets

    However, missiles probably couldn't reach mainland US. Korea and Japan may be in danger.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    OMG weapons of mass destruction and he is oppressing his people . i got an anthrax letter in the mail . i need to buy duct tape for my windows and doors , we must pre emtively invade . the people will cheer us . and most important we must double the pentagon budget and have all no bid contracts with military suppliers .

    where have i heard this before ?

  • yuki
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    8 years ago

    its better to be cautious and prepared, then ignorant and unprepared. never underestimate a smaller country.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    no but they are trying to make them and any way you guys have anti missile defense systems so they can not nuke you

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