Let G be Sn, the symmetric group of order n, acting as permutations on the set {1,2,...n}. Let H =?

Let G be Sn, the symmetric group of order n, acting as permutations on the set {1,2,...n}. Let H = {sigma element in G | n * sigma = n}.

(i) Prove that H is isomorphic to Sn-1.

(ii) Find a set of elements a1,...,an element in G such that Ha1,...,Han give all the right cosets of H in G.

(iii) Find the coset representation of G by H.

Not sure with proof. Please help!

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    (i) This is trivial, but writing it down is fiddly. It would look better with bold chracters, but I'll make do with apostrophes. Please read X' as "The symbol X in boldface".

    I'll let Sn-1 act as permutations on the set { 1', 2', ..., (n-1)' } and for each s ∈ H define the function s' : { 1', 2', ..., (n-1)' } as follows:

    s'(k') = s(k).

    You can prove that s' is a bijection (permutation) as follows:

    s'(k') = s'(l') <=> s(k) = s(l) <=> k = l, so s' is injective.

    For every l' ∈ { 1', ..., (n-1)' }, we have l ∈ { 1, ..., n-1 }, and so there is some k ∈ { 1, ..., n-1 } with s(k) = l, and so s'(k') = l'. This means that s' is surjective.

    Now to show that the map s -> s' is an isomorphism: Let s,t ∈ H, then

    (s' o t')(k') = s'(t'(k')) = s(t(k)) = (s o t)(k) = s(k) t(k) = s'(k') t'(k').

    (ii) For k ∈ { 1, ..., n-1 } set ak = (k n), and let an be the neutral permutation in G.

    (iii) The cosets are given by H(ak) = { s ∈ G : s(n) = k }. Note that

    H = H(an) = { s ∈ G : s(n) = n } as you wanted.

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