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Help with finding a movie?

I want to purchase a DVD "Floating" starring chad Lowe and norman reedus but I can't find a DVD anywhere at all!!! Help? And it's not a Walmart or target or anywhere. It's kind of an old movie.. Sort of.. Not really but it's not very popular!

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    You can get it for $15 thru a private seller at iOffer

    Enter "FLOATING 1999 Norman Reedus/Chad Lowe DVD" in the search box.

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    Not all movies are converted to DVD; there are a few films I have on VHS because they've never been converted to either DVD or Blu Ray.

    I'd check Amazon and Ebay; if you can't find them on there chances are it's not available on DVD.

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    It's out of print. Found it on Amazon for $135! :0

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    The DVD and VHS are out of print, you'll have to buy it used, and if it's cheap it's likely a bootleg copy.

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    best buy

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