Hi,Blood comes from Mount when i Brush sometime it is after vomiting, its happen once and two in week .?

I had done with X-ray, APTT,INR,AEC,and CBC, Every thing is Normal, Well this happen only in morning time. Well i dont have any type of fever or pain

Do help me out

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    7 years ago
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    Sometimes, your gums will bleed due to anemia, tooth brush bristles being too hard, or problems with your gums. If you are experiencing vomiting while brushing your teeth, it is probably due to you not breathing and holding your breath while brushing. Try to make yourself aware if you are holding your breath while brushing your teeth. If you are, start breathing. You will need to retrain yourself and make sure you are not holding your breath while brushing. You also have a pressure point between your thumb and fore finger whereby you can press that will help stop the vomiting. Try searching for this on Dr. Oz's website. The blood could also be coming from your throat from your blood vessels as you may be straining when you vomit.

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