What is a good group name for a group of girls?

Me and my other two best friends want to come up with a good group name for people to recognize us with. EX. A1 - always 100 (already a group) one is a cheerleader the other is in drill team and I'm a Student Athletic Trainer for football mostly. We want something that we can use to abbreviate as well. We're all pretty laid back and fun. We also are all into guys and usually have guys always coming up to us so any suggestions please? And we're all African American. Thank you in advance!

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    The Bittersweets

    The Cake

    The Cinnamons

    The Cookies

    The Cupcakes

    The Dixie Cups

    The Honeys

    The Jelly Beans

    The Popsicles

    The Sugar Plums

    The Yum-Yums

    (Honey & the Bees)

    The Orlons in technicolor!


    The Antoinettes

    The Beatle-ettes

    The Bobbettes

    The Bronzettes

    The Charlettes

    (The Toys)

    The Charmettes

    The Chic-Lets

    (The Darlettes)

    The Clickettes

    (The Jaynetts)

    The Cooperettes

    The Crystalettes

    (not the famous


    The Del-Rhythmettes

    The Del-Vetts

    The Flamettes

    The Francettes

    The Fran-Cettes

    (different group)

    The Fabulettes

    (not the current


    The Georgettes

    The Ikettes

    The Jaynetts

    The Juliettes

    The Kolettes

    The Lovettes

    The Majorettes

    The Marvelettes

    The Masterettes

    (The Exciters)

    The Mirettes

    (The Ikettes)

    The Ordettes

    The Parlettes

    The Persianettes

    The Pirouettes

    The Primettes

    (The early Supremes)

    The Ramblettes

    The Raelettes

    (The Cookies)

    The Rebelettes

    (The Blossoms)

    The Ronettes

    The Rosettes

    (The Darlettes)

    The Royalettes

    The Shamettes

    The Sharmettes

    The Sonnettes

    The Tonettes

    (black girls)

    The Tonettes

    (white girls)

    The Velvelettes

    The Will-Ettes

    The Blossoms. Darlene Love, center, had a big voice that gave the group a big sound.


    The Blossoms

    The Bouquets

    The Butterflies

    The Daylights

    The Fawns

    The Honey Bees

    (The Cookies)

    The Honeybees

    Honey & the Bees

    (neither the Honey Bees

    nor the Honeybees)

    The Lady-Bugs

    The Moon Maids

    The Orchids

    The Poppies

    (The Jaynetts)

    The Raindrops

    The Sandpebbles

    The Summits

    The Sunbeams

    The Swans

    The Tulips


    The Beach Girls

    (Jean Thomas)

    The Boyd Sisters

    The Calendar Girls

    (Jean Thomas)

    The Cinderellas

    The Clinger Sisters

    The Darling Sisters

    The Davenport Sisters

    The Debutantes

    The Delicates

    The Dolls

    The Ervin Sisters

    The Girlfriends

    The Girls

    Les Girls

    (Ellie Greenwich, Jean

    Thomas and Mikie Harris)

    The Johnston Sisters

    The Knight Sisters

    The Ladybirds

    The Lana Sisters

    (lead singer, Dusty


    The Lewis Sisters

    The Martin Sisters

    The Models

    The Murmaids

    The Murmaids, swimming through a song at the piano. Maybe they should have been practicing their spelling.

    The Paris Sisters

    The Penny Sisters

    The Pin-Ups

    The Playgirls

    (The Blossoms)

    The Queens

    The Rag Dolls

    (Jean Thomas)

    The Shepherd Sisters

    The Sherrys

    Sugar and Spice

    The Tammys

    The Tammys

    (yes, two different

    groups had the

    same name)

    The Tilton Sisters

    The Tomboys

    The Vernon Girls


    The Angels

    The Cinderellas

    (The Cookies)

    The Gay Notes

    (The Cookies)

    The Goodies

    The Goodnight Kisses

    The Halos

    (The Angels)

    The Hearts

    The Kittens

    The Lovelites

    The Lullabyes

    The Patty Cakes

    (The Jaynetts)

    The Sweeties

    The Taffys

    The Toys

    Girl Groups of the 1960s


    The Avons

    (not the U.K. "Avons")

    The Bobbi-Pins

    The Bonnets

    The Bracelets

    The Buttons & Bows

    The Buttons & Beaus

    The Chiffons

    The Dacrons

    The Lockets

    The Orlons

    The Petites

    The Poni-Tails

    The Powder Puffs

    (Jean Thomas)

    The Rev-Lons

    The Ribbons

    The Velveteens

    The Whyte Boots


    (Some were earlier known by group name only)

    Angie and the Chicklettes

    (Jean Thomas plus

    The Angels)

    Anita Humes and the


    Barbara English and the


    Baby Jane and the


    Bob B. Soxx and the

    Blue Jeans

    Bonnie and the Treasures

    Brenda and the Tabulations

    Candy and the Kisses

    Connie and the Cones

    Danetta and the Starlets

    The Starlets, also known as Danetta and the Starlets, also known as the Blue Belles, but not the same group as Patti Labelle's original girl group, the Blue-Belles. Confused? So are we.

    Debbie and the Darnells

    Dezi and the Soulettes

    Diana Ross and the


    Diane and the Darlettes

    Doreen and the Tammys

    Ellie Gee and the Jets

    (Ellie Greenwich)

    Erlene and Her


    Fannie and the Varcels

    Gigi and the


    Gigi Parker and the


    Ginger and the Snaps

    (The Honeys)

    Gladys Knight and the Pips

    (famous later, they

    had hits as early

    as 1963)

    Goldie and the


    Honey Love and the

    Love Notes

    (Candy & the Kisses)

    Jackie and the Tonetts

    (same as the Tonettes?)

    Jean and the Statesides

    Jessica James and the


    ("Jessica James" was

    the Angels' lead singer)

    Joanne & the Triangles

    Joy and the Sorrows

    Judy (Johnson) and the


    Julie and the Desires

    Kathy Young and the


    Kelly and the Kittens

    LaBrenda Ben &

    the Beljeans

    Leola and the Lovejoys


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    What is a good group name for a group of girls?

    Me and my other two best friends want to come up with a good group name for people to recognize us with. EX. A1 - always 100 (already a group) one is a cheerleader the other is in drill team and I'm a...

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    the Rebellettes

    the Penny sisters.

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    The PEARLS

    The RUBIES

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