Compression socks or compression wraps?

I just got metatarsal re-alignment to correct a bunion and I am 4 weeks post op. the doctor said that in two weeks I will be able to wear normal shoes, but my foot is too swollen to even fit in a normal shoe. I heard compression wraps or socks can help keep swelling down and I was wondering which was better. Also, do compression socks come in anything lower than knee highs, like ankle socks or something? And where can I buy compression wraps and socks online?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have not ever heard of them coming in anything lower than knee highs. They do come in a variety that has no toes so you can wear them with sandals. Here is a company that sells many different varieties, and the company is fast and reliable.

    I am not certain though that compression socks are what you need, because the foot part does not provide much compression. I think you might need something special such as a wrap. You can use an ace bandage to provide the sort of compression you need and then you need to cover just the area involved. That same company above also supplies various kinds of wraps.

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