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What are some things that piss you off?

Just give me a list of things that make you want to break someones jaw. Mine is ignorance and when people try to act tough/ghetto. What about you?

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    Oh, I could do this all day. I seem to just get pissed off by everything.

    1. Sneakerheads

    2. SWAG and YOLO

    3. The words activity and masculine

    4. School

    5. LIARS. If you lie, you die.

    6. Sluts

    7. Gossip

    8. Snapchat

    9. "Ghetto" kids

    10. Immaturity

    11. People who wear their jeans like it's supposed to be socks

    12. Fake gold chains

    13. People who wear super skinny jeans, wear fake gold chains, and then wear high top sneakers.

    14. Homework

    15. School

    16. People

    17. FAKES

    18. Kids that are my age (14-15) and think that drinking, smoking, and having sex is appropriate

    19. Teachers that are complete assholes

    20. The town I live in

    I got plenty more if you want to be entertained

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    People using the words 'retarded' or 'gay' as a derogatory term. People who drive like total idiots and seem to not realize they aren't the only people on the road. Kids who disrespect their parents.Pedophiles, rapists, people who commit hate crimes, senseless murderers. People who have no respect for anyone else's opinions unless they are the same as their own. And broccoli.

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    -Inconsideration and lack of thinking of others first before they say or do things.

    -Smokers who smoke around others without really asking or considering if others do smoke. I have come across this same problem almost weekly on campus. I have never seen such inconsiderate devils.

    - Young mothers who don't know how to properly pick up their kids

    - Fast Food workers who act like they are mad as hell at you when you show up.

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    When a little Xbox playing, short little ****** keeps saying he's gonna beat my ***, calling me weird names from a weird movie, when my parents are unfair to me but not the rest of my siblings, when one of my siblings is getting something new and my parents are paying for it and I ask to get one too, but I'm paying for it with my own money and they say no, getting up for school. That's it. Why? By the way

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    Ignorance, trying to act bad*ss, acting like they are smarter than everyone else.

    Really ticks me off.

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