I want a career in HealthCare Administration in Dallas, Texas. How I can look for such jobs?

I have around 5 years of retail banking experience as senior financial manager with a major North American bank. During this period I serviced both personal and corporate clients. In last two years I specialized in providing financial advise to HealthCare organizations ranging from Community Health Centers, Nursing Homes to major national Hospitals. I also worked with the administrative, finance and budget department of these healthcare organizations. Now, this year my wife and I are moving to Dallas, Texas. I want to leverage my banking experience in finding a Healthcare Administrative career. I was wondering if anyone can help me in following aspects:

1. Name/websites of prominent recruiter(s)/agencies in the Dallas - Fort Worth area who can help me to get a healthcare placement?

2. website addresses/ online forums for non-healthcare professionals who are looking for healthcare administrative career?

3. Any advice on how I can utilize next 6 months before relocation to better prepare myself.

Thanks a million.

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    7 years ago
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    Hello Invictus,

    It's great that you've kept your question detailed and to-the-point:

    Please find my answers below:

    1. Websites of Prominent Recruiters and Job Portals:

    Job Portals:


    Indeed Job Portal

    Alpha Solutions Inc





    2. W.r.t online forums/webaddresses for non-healthcare professionals interested in healthcare admin career, the following ExploreHealthCareers.org page is informative:


    Register yourself at the Healthcare Administration, Management & Policy CAS

    The UK site NHSCareers also contains decent advice, which could be used for your career-switch:

    You could also try the AllHealthCare community from Monster:


    You could search for the following groups within LinkedIn:

    a. Association for Future Healthcare Leaders

    b. Texas Society for Healthcare Human Resources Adminstration & Education group

    3. During the next six months, you could enhance your profile with certifications or volunteer work. Ideally, you can work as a trainee administrator at your local healthcare provider. This will also help you in procuring a letter of recommendation

    You could explore certifications from the CFMA such as:

    Certified Revenue Cycle Representative Program

    Certified Healthcare Financial Professional® (CHFP)

    Given below are a few volunteering links:



    Given below is a Linkedin volunteers' network link:


    Also, below given is a new FB Group created for Healthcare Administrators in the DFW area:


    Hope this information helps you. All the best with your new career.



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  • 4 years ago

    I suppose the T-shirts say it great. Hold Austin weird and maintain Dallas Pretentious. Austin is both the state capital and a school town. It has a nice mixture of the 2, no longer too institution-y, not too high strung. Dallas is the pretty sister (Houston is the unsightly sister with more persona). Has a excellent nightlife, good, excessive art scene. Both one is excellent for younger couples/families, each are as dependable as contemporary cities can be. If you already have the job in Austin, take it, but keep the options open. Each large city in Texas is vastly specified from the entire others, to the point that there's no "Texas lifestyle."

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