Baby Making Songs/Sex Songs. I have more but my list can't fit :/ 10 POINTS (for Best Playlist)!?

(Rock The Boat) (One In A Million) - Aaliyah (Let's Make Love) - Aaron Hall (Baby Come Over) (Freak Like Me) (Nasty Grind) (Ride It Tonight) (Sexual Needs) (T-shirt & Panties) (Tease) (Bomb Sex) - Adina Howard (Sex Drive) - AK (Put It In Yo Mouth) (F*ck Me For Free) - Akinyele (Deep) - Blackstreet (Sex Is On My Mind) - Blulight (Let Me Know What You Wanna Do) (Sex Genie) (Up & Down) (One Night Stand) (Very Deep) (You Can't Get Enough) - BMC Boyz (I'll Make Love To You) - Boyz 2 Men (If You're Ready To Learn) (Back At One) - Brian McKnight (I Know What You Want) - Mariah C/Busta Rhymes (Lady Lay Your Body) - Carl Thomas (Stroke You Up) - Changing Faces/R Kelly (Take You Down) (Like A Virgin Again) - Chris B (I Wanna Sex You Up) - Color Me Bad (Take Em Off) - Craig David (Play) - David Banner (Journey) - Deangelo Redman (Do You Wanna) (No Interruptions) - Donell Jones (Differences) (In Those Jeans) (Tell Me Do You Wanna) (So Anxious) - Ginuwine (Knockin The Boots) (They Like It Slow) - H-Town (Come Inside) - Intro (Between The Sheets) - Isley Brothers (Climb Them Walls) - J Valentine (Can I Take You Home) (Do What It Do) (Slow) (Storm) (Unpredictable) (Freakin Me) -Jamie Foxx (Anytime Anyplace) (Warmth) (Moist) (Someday Is Tonight) (Rope Burn) (Makin Love In The Rain) - Janet J (I Like) - Jeremiah/Ludacris (Freak n Me) - Jodeci (I Wanna Know) (Lose Control) (The Love Scene) (Peep Show) (Pull Mu Hair) (Somebody's Gotta Be On Top) (More & More) (Slow Kisses) (Tonight) - Joe (Lay You Down) - K Young (All My Life) - KC & Jojo (Can We Make Love) (Come Into My Bedroom) (The Floor) (For You(You Got Everything) (Full Time Lover) (Give Me What I Want) (Grind On Me) (Hood Sex) (How Deep Is Your Love) (I Want To Love You Down) (I'll Give All My Love To You) (Just Wanna Sex You Babe) (Kiss Me) (Make It Last Forever) (Make You Say Ooh) (Nobody) (One On One) (Right & A Wrong Way) (Suga Suga Suga) (Telephone Love) (Wonderful Thang) (Yummi) (Butterscotch) (Test Drive) (Get Up On It)

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    I did not read all those songs you listed so some might be the same

    Grind on me- Pretty Ricky

    She Likes- Pleasure P

    JoJo- Demonstrate

    Kisses Down Low- Kelly Rowland

    Dance for you- Beyonce

    Sweet Love- Chris Brown

    Lay your head- Lloyd

    Lil Freak- Usher

    Simply Amazing- Trey Songz

    Motivation- Kelly Rowland

    Thats all I can think of right now.

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