Christians and Jews pls answer?

Some Christians and Jews believe that Muslims do not worship the same god. I'm niether muslim, Christian, or Jewish, and I'm not an atheist. However why is Islam considered an abrahamic religion? Abrahamic meaning following the god of Abraham, if Muslims worship some kind of pagan moon/sun god as I've heard it said. Why is it considered an abrahamic religion, is some kind of reform needed? This question is not meant to demean or anything it's purely out of curiosity.

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    Islam claims to believe in the God of Abraham.

    This is,why many say Islam is an Abrahamic religion.

    The truth is the Islamic god Allah disagrees with the word of God and the prophets off God .

    Making their prophet a false prophet according to the true God of Abraham.

    Muhammad claimed to receive revelation from this spirit that clearly disagreed with the God he claimed to be from

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    Not to sure about Islam, but I know that they worship Allah and Allah means God. When Islam was started, it was thought that Judaism and Christianity had wandered to far off the path of truth. So they follow the Qu'ran which I believe came from the Bible. Islam came about in the 7th century.

    A side point. Most religions do not worship the same God. If they did, there would be no need for all of these religions. Most religions were started because someone thought that they knew the right way. At Ephesians 4:5, it says there is one faith and one Lord. So if there is one faith, then all the other faiths are wrong. It is up to us to rely on God to direct us to the right one.

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    Abraham had a son by his wife's handmaiden because he grew impatient with God's promise for a male heir. His name was Ishmael. But God forgave Abraham and gave him a son by his own wife. This was Isaac.

    Ishmael though was not a God-fearing man. Scripture states that he lived by the sword and became a desert nomad. Still, God gave him tweleve princes that became great nations. So along with Esau, through marriage, Ishmael formed the stock that makes up todays Arab Muslims. And because Ishmael had Abraham for his father, Islam is treated as an Abrahamic religion - though that is a misnomer. There are no real similarities between Islam and Judaism/Christianity.

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    I don't know of any educated Jew who thinks that Muslims don't worship HaShem. Islam is strictly monotheistic and Jews are allowed to pray in mosques according to Jewish law. Christianity, on the other hand, isn't true monotheism from the Jewish perspective, therefore Christians don't worship HaShem. Jews aren't even supposed to enter a church according to Jewish law.

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    Some kind of reform is needed: The God of Abraham was not the Creator Father either.

    If it has a name its not God. There is no name worthy of the Creator Father. Lords ruled in the Old Testament; Jesus is Lord in the New Testament.

    Machiventa Melchizedek, whom Abraham called Lord, and two associates spent 90 years on earth advising Abraham and establishing Salem. Melchizedek had a specially prepared body that looked almost human. Most of the Religions of the world springs from his teachings at Salem. He was not God or Lord but a powerful angel. Where the Bible says the Lord went up from Abraham is when Melchizedek departed earth not to return.

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    The Muslim and Christian views of God have some similarities. Christians believe in one eternal God Who created the universe, and Muslims apply these attributes to Allah. Both view God as all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present.

    A vital difference between the Islamic and Christian views of God is the biblical concept of the Trinity. In the Bible, God has revealed Himself as one God in three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. While each Person of the Trinity is fully God, God is not three gods but three in one.

    The Trinity is essential to the Christian faith. Without the Trinity, there would be no incarnation of God’s Son in the Person of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ, there would be no salvation from sin. Without salvation, sin would condemn all to an eternal hell.

    So, do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? A better question is, “Do Christians and Muslims both have a correct understanding of who God is?” To this question, the answer is definitely no. Because of crucial differences between the Christian and Muslim concepts of God, the two faiths cannot both be true. The biblical God alone addresses and solves the problem of sin by giving His Son.

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    There several groups of Moslems as well as their groups of Christians and people that call themselves Christians and in truth are not by regular church standards. Example Jehovah Witness claim to be Christians, but they do not believe in the deity of Christ.

    Now for Islam some groups believe in a moon God and other worship God of Abraham. In book of Judges the story of Gideon explains that he set up a stone with the laws of God, some Muslims/arab tribes follow stone tablets found in the desert that may of been tablets of book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament. What one has to do is study each group of Muslim separately. But some do believe in the Abraham's God. After all Ismael the father of the Arabic people was son of Abraham.

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    Because calling their name for God a fake is just used by fundamentalists in both those religions as a way to demean the faith.

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    Islam is abrahamic b/c Abraham had more than one son. He had Isaac who begat Jacob(Israel) and he also had Ishmael. Islam believes that Christ existed but doersn't recognize his divinity. they recognize muhammed. i respect whatever people believe as long as they do not force it on others and kill. I tend to believe more the man who was arrested by the Romans, tortured and sacrificed rather than the one that flew to the sky on a winged horse, but that's just me.

  • Muslims believe that Ishmael was the blessed favoured son, he should have been but he sold his birthright and his Fathers blessing to Isaac for well soup.

    The problem with Allah (who we are led to believe is simply Arabic for God) Is that He has no son. As Christians believe that Jesus is Son of God we reject Allah as 'our' God. Messianic Jews will reject Allah for the same reason and Jews who don't accept Jesus as Messiah still wait and believe God for the prophesied son to come.

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