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Computer acting weird...?


Since about 4-5 days ago my PC has been acting really strange. I've scanned my PC so I don't think its a virus and its not something thats causing a massive issue but somethings not right.

My PC is about 6 months old and is a top of the range gaming PC. It first started when my PC started saying it failed to backup (it usually backs up every sunday) I then first noticed strange acts when my Desktop gadgets wouldn't load on start-up, my Facebook crashes everytime I open it on Chrome (though I can still open a new tab and visit other pages fine whilst facebook is crashed) Microsoft Word lags like hell every once in a while and when I play Sid Meiers Civ V and click on Settlers it had a massive lag spike which its never done before since 5-6 days ago.

I suppose the most annoying thing is when I right click on something to save/copy/delete etc it leaves a stain on my PC screen of whatever i've clicked on. Such as the "Copy" selection will just float over everything and wont go away even if I right click again.

Anyone know whats up? I have a Nvidia GTX 670 if its a videocard problem, I run on Win 7 64bit and I have 8GB RAM. never done it before until now and its a mystery since its many random problems.


@ Saim - I highly doubt its that critical to have to do a reinstall :( I also got my gadgets to work by ending the "Sidebar.exe" Process in Task manager but I don't intend to do that everytime D:

Update 2:

@ Dyo - Any explanation as in to why I should do this? :o whats causing the issue?

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    If possible the only way I see is to do a fresh install of Windows.

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    are you able to launch your pc in secure mode? if so, it is somewhat useful to collect significant information - JIC. additionally, it is somewhat useful to purpose some anti-virus courses to be sure in case you could % out an endemic. There are some (unfastened) web pages accessible which could tutor you how to diagnose problems like this. i've got listed one that i like below. It supplies numerous unfastened application suggestions, and pc suitable song-up guides. sturdy success L

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  • 7 years ago

    Go in safe-mode

    Go to C:/documents and Settings/*username*/Local Settings/Temp and delete EVERYTHING POSSIBLE in that folder (the folder must stay)

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