dark green dress for prom?

So i'm wearing a dark green dress for prom i am quite pale but getting a light spray tan so nothing too drastic and i was thinking:

what colour lipstick would go well? (i though dark red)

colour nails? ( i thought black)

also what colour hair would go well with dark green? i am willing to dye my hair any colour beforehand!

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you're going in green then do not get a spray tan. It will only make the tone applied to your skin more noticeable, and not in the good way.

    Probably nude colour, or pale pink but subtle.

    Ginger goes well with green, but don't get the tan if you do or else it could go terribly wrong, especially with the dark red lipstick.

    Colours should be picked out vary carefully or else you'll look like a clown. :( Not trying to be rude or anything.

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