What is lacking on my website?

I am making a community website for programmers to share code... however, i feel that there is always something missing with the website, or in some ways it just does not feel right, or have the right flow... what do you think?

website: http://csnippet.com/ (It is not completely finished yet...)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I don't think it's a mess, but a slightly more consistent design wouldn't hurt.

    And of course, this function is buggy:

    function EndsWith($str,$needle){

    if(strpos($str,$needle) == strlen($str)-strlen($needle)){

    $result =1;


    $result =0;


    return $result;


    EndsWith('abcbc', 'bc'); // yields 0 instead of 1. Also, EndsWith is a boolean statement, so it should return true or false. Note, btw, the existence of the strrpos function (two r's!).



    echo GetBetween("h", "x", "hello");

    yields 'ello' where false would be more what one would expect.


    Slightly more efficient implementation:

    function StartsWith($str,$needle){

    return strpos($str,$needle) === 0 ? 1 : 0;


    (Although here as well, true and false would be better.)



    It's haystack, not heystack. :-)

  • Jeff P
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Just a few suggestions.

    1. When registering, if you have a special character in the name, like an apostrophe ( ' ), it substitutes the apostrophe with a backslash and deletes everything to to the right of the slash.

    eg: "jeff's account" becomes "jeff\"

    2. When signing up and you don't meet the requirements, the country doesn't stay selected. All of the other data remains, but the country doesn't stay selected.

    3. Your password filed (as well as all other fields) should accept ALL special characters--including apostrophes. When I tried to enter "jeff's password", I'm presented with a "Special characters not allowed..." error. As long as you properly sanitize your data (filter_var for example), you can accept any special character you want.

    4. What others said--the fonts make it look unprofessional. Standardize your fonts and colors.

  • Para
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Gee, what a complete mess with all the different character styles, fonts, colors, and everything else...

    I'd suggest that you make your design clean, consistent, with few visual 'enhancements' like <h1> and colorization. It will make everything readable and you will point out the missing things more easily.

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