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whats the english name of this computer science work?

okay, i go to a Taiwan College, yes, I'm a Chinese born in the states so my Chinese isn't exactly the best of the best, we're on holiday right now and I need to know if this math topic that i am learning in 'Computer Science' class is called by what name.

the question looks something like this when it starts off: "(130)10 (not sure if its little '10' or big one)

...and once you complete the whole question, the anser looks something like this "(130)10 = (10000010)2 = (202)8 = (82)16"

^is there a name of this kind of math?

I just need to know the name of it as I didn't understand its Chinese version, as long as I have the English name, i can just search it up...unless if you got some good links to a website that teaches this kind of math in details and shows each process and steps???

only reason why I'm not good with this is cause my math isn't my area of strength, hence why I take an English Major in college, and second, my Chinese, as far as reading and listening goes, i can understand general and basic Chinese, but get to harder terminology, I cannot which would be why I did not exactly understood what the professor has said, and no asking won't work too well as they can't understand my Chinese, nor English either...yikes...well, not perfectly...before you ask, I go to this kind of college because they have the major I need and allow foreigners in without much trouble, most other colleges here are either far out my reach, or require me to live a certain amount of time in the states, or both parents have to be foreigners (yes, this sucks as both are Chinese...but speak decent English and no, can't ask my parents as neither of them took the classes I am taking, they took law and business...), no worries, out of my seven classes, two are taught completely in Chinese, so I only worry about those two classes, and yes, one of the classes happens to be this 'Computer Science' Class.

So yes, it would be very helpful if I can get the name of that kind of math, preferably accompanied with some links, if not, then the topic name will suffice enough for me.

Oh, while we are on the topic of learning, is it possible to sneak in some good Chinese learning websites in?

Thanks =)

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