380, 25 acp, 22LR/22Magnum for Home Defense?

Are those Heritage revolvers or Cobra guns that I see on many

places online (and still in stock and that are around $200) good for

home defense such as a HER 22LR/22Magnum revolver, a .380 Cobra

or a 25 acp? What about under $250 Russian, Polish or Czech guns?

I've seen videos of them on youtube, I can't really tell if they are weak,

pea shooters or powerful, what if I use 22 Magnum ammo, can that be

used for home defense? What type would you use?

Also: Can .380, 25acp, 22LR and 22 Magnum kill?

At the target range (I've shot 9mm and other types of guns before, a few times) I'm somewhat good at center of mass shots to the chest area and somewhat better at head shots, but if I use these calibers for protection I don't want any animal or human to bleed to death if used for hunting back up or defense, will they kill instantly via a shot to the head or heart, regardless of animal or human?


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  • Nazgul
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    7 years ago
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    You are kind of all over the place with this one. With th right shot any gun can kill, the 25 acp is on of the most hated rounds of all time, it's very expensive and hard to find because it's not produced in mass for the reason above, the .22MAG is only slightly better the the .22lr and far more expensive, the .380 has become very papular with small semi autos today and is considered a decent defense round but you might not find an are in the $200 renge that shoots it and is still good quality, if you want to hunt with a .380 you are stuck with a semi auto most likely and that's not the best choice and might not even be legal unless it's on your property, there are several things to concider when choosing a semi auto...they will jam...at on point or another it will happen, especially with rim fire ammo (.22). Anyway don't limit yourself to what you have posted and take your time looking around, you'll learn quik. My personal favorite home defense arm is a revolver, that's right, a good double action of your choice in caliber, they don't jam, they don't fail to fire, they don't fail to feed, they can be had in a vast selection of ammunition from .22 to .44 mag and beyond, team that up with a $100 single shot .22lr for squirrels and you are set. But yes makorov(sp?) does make a good one if you want a semi.

  • 7 years ago

    the primary reason john browning designed the 25-32-380 acp rounds was because they can be fired in very small pocket pistols.

    For home defense you don't necessarily need or want a very small or light pistol so you would probably be better off with a more impressive looking standard size pistol chambered in a common standard round like 9mm luger or 38 special.

    yes any bullet that reaches & penetrates the heart will almost always be deadly no mater what size the bullet happens to be.

    head shots are a little more unpredictable & problematic.

    The penetrating ability of small light weight 22 rimfire & 25 acp bullets in a fat , heavy boned or heavily clothed person is also problematic.

    Of the $200 guns you listed the 22 mag revolver with solid(non hollow point) 50gr bullets would probably be the most reliable.

    Low velocity Hollow points are famous for going off course & failing to penetrate much after they expand.

    Any of the soviet block pistols in 380 or 9mm makarov should do alright if their in good condition.

    They are more likely to be dependable than a cheap new commercial semiauto in the same caliber.

    But with any small CHEAP auto pistol make your first shot count because you may have to fiddle with it a while to fire a second shot.

    Source(s): reliability doubles the price
  • 4 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    380, 25 acp, 22LR/22Magnum for Home Defense?

    Are those Heritage revolvers or Cobra guns that I see on many

    places online (and still in stock and that are around $200) good for

    home defense such as a HER 22LR/22Magnum revolver, a .380 Cobra

    or a 25 acp? What about under $250 Russian, Polish or Czech guns?

    I've seen videos of them...

    Source(s): 380 25 acp 22lr 22magnum home defense: https://shortly.im/q0Vk7
  • august
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    7 years ago

    Rather than looking at any handgun for self defense, you should consider a pump shotgun. For a $200-$250 budget, you can get a brand new Mossberg Maverick 88 or Mossberg 500 in 12 gauge. For $300, you can get a basic Remington 870. Any of those three would be far superior to the cheap handguns you're talking about.

    Any gun can kill, from a powerful pellet gun to the massive naval cannons mounted on World War Two battleships. Some will do the job faster and more reliably than others, though. A .22LR, .22 Magnum, or .25 ACP would not be my first choice for home defense, but if it's all I had, I'd be happy to use it. Even with a head or heart shot, they may not kill instantly. Yes, people have been shot in the head with a .22LR and not died instantly. I knew someone who claims she tried to kill herself with a .22LR, and it didn't do the job. She also claimed that was part of why she was so psychotic... And yes, she was a little psychotic. Former employee of mine from my restaurateur days.

    And if you're hunting, you don't need a "backup" gun. If you're carrying a rifle capable of taking the game you're going after, for example deer, it should be just fine for coup de grâce shots.

    Why a shotgun over a handgun? Because a shotgun takes less time to learn to use effectively. It's easier to hit your target with the first shot, generally, and with the proper load (00 buckshot) it is quite powerful enough to stop any assailant.

    .380 ACP is marginal as a self-defense gun. It's the lowest that most instructors will suggest, so long as the person can handle the recoil, and many instructors recommend 9mm Parabellum or more.

    I would highly recommend that, for home defense, you purchase a shotgun.

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  • 3 years ago

    380 For Home Defense

  • roever
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    3 years ago

    25 Acp Revolver

  • Of the calibers you've listed, .380 ACP is the best for personal protection. But have you considered looking for a used .38 Special?

  • Jeff
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    7 years ago

    the smallish pistols in the minor calibers suffer from short barrels, minimal sights and anemic cartridges. High quality minor caliber handguns tend to be tight... hard to hold and sensitive to dirt and lint... the cheaper versions are large and heavy considering the low powered cartridges they are chambered for.

    No... I won't stand still and let you shoot me with a .25 ACP... but the 25 and 22 LR have sketchy reputations as DEFENSIVE calibers in historical context. 22 and 25 have caused a lot of deaths- but when your assailant dies in the hospital 2 days after they finished you off... that's not the desired result.

    If you insist on a pocket pistol.... go .380ACP, stick with Walthers, Rugers or other quality products and invest in lots of training (yes- learning to shoot a defensive handgun is more that range time on cardboard targets). That being said- 9x19 (Luger), 38 Special, 45 ACP all have very good records in stopping humans when called upon.

    Your concern about humans bleeding to death concerns me. As a general concept - when a civilian presents deadly force he should be justified at using it at that time. Your assailant has elected to accept the risk of death by his actions- you should be mentally and morally accepting of the taking of a life to save your own. We dont "shoot to kill" but in order to stop the threat we aim center mass and know that death may be the outcome.

  • 7 years ago

    The 22magnum is the cheapest of your choices but not the best I recommend the 380 because it will take most people and animals down if you are using hollow points there is a taurus 380 that holds 20 rounds in the clip that's what I carry everyday I've only had to use it once and it knocked the sob on his ***

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    While any caliber is better than throwing a rock, .380 is the smallest caliber I would use for self defense, .22 and .25 can kill but you would have to be either a helluva shot or have to empty the gun into the aggressor.

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