Is there a future in petroleum geology?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yes, of course, and the future outlook will likely improve. As oil gets harder and harder to find those who can find it and develop new or old oil fields will be more and more in demand. Currently the industry is facing what it calls "The Great Crew Change" trying to change from the baby boomer generation that is nearing retirement to younger less experienced workers. There is serious competition in the industry to attract and keep younger professionals so that they can learn the skills needed to replace the retiring workers.

    Oil is not used for just fuel, and oil is not the only product that petroleum geologists work to find. Natural gas is likely to be the primary fuel for electrical generation and even transportation for many years, possibly centuries to come. There is currently estimated to be over 100 years supply of natural gas and most natural gas has not yet been developed, and in many cases not even discovered and proven. Technology changes in the oil industry as fast as many other industries and changes in technology, along with a paradigm shift in geologic concepts, will allow the discovery of new petroleum and natural gas reserves in the future. The business has a bright future, and the world is not giving up using energy any time soon. None of the alternatives even come close to replacing oil and gas, and most of the alternatives cannot substitute for oils use as a raw material in many of the physical products we use. Consider that your roof, your parking lot, your shampoo, your computer case, your electrical system's insulation, the lubricant in your engine, many of your pharmaceuticals, your detergent, the fertilizer that grows corn to make ethanol, and thousands more products are made from oil and natural gas.

    Here is a current salary survey:

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    Future Of Petroleum

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    precise, I artwork for an oil business enterprise and am goin to varsity to be a petrol geologist so i will ought to assert petroleum geology. there is of course quite solid money it, yet besides that I savour the venture of examining subsurface platforms in preserving with precise logs and seismic documents. that's completely exciting to me, yet as soon as you're extra attracted to, say, vulcanology, or hydrology, there are issues you're in a position to do there, too. i imagine the money is purely right in petroleum geology, in spite of the fact that that's cyclical. top now, circumstances are type of hard around right here so so which you are able to evaluate the possibility of the marketplace. i would say pass the course you'll be maximum attracted to and will savour daily

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    Unfortunately for the environment yes. Nowadays even in the us fracking has prolonged the life of old oilfields. It'll be some time before solar, wind or fusion replace fossil fuels like oil.

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    8 years ago

    Yes, but it depends mostly on petroleum politics.

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    8 years ago

    We can not say that there will be petrol in future or not as we are wasting it in present.

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