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Salt water flush gone wrong?

I tried the salt water flush, added 2 TBSP sea salt to 1 quart water. I think I vomited all of it up, but I don't know. I'm worried that the salt's still in me, and since I vomited up the water, it won't get flushed out. What should I do?

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    Well salt is very soluble in water so there is a good chance that it came out with the water that is the good new. So you know the amount of sodium (not salt) you just consumed is about 14g that is extremely unhealthy. You probably through up as a bodily self defense mechanism. Drink some salt less water. In the event you experience any of these symptoms "Clinical manifestations of hypernatremia can be subtle, consisting of lethargy, weakness, irritability, neuromuscular excitability, and edema. With more severe elevations of the sodium level, seizures and coma may occur." call poison control immediately. You should be ok though

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    Drink more water and keep on drinking - in very small quantitites - salt is theraputic - but the more salt you get the more it becomes a poison. THIS is why you shouldn't drink sea water - it kills.

    Salt is known to raise the blood pressure - so expect some sweating and feeling not so good - other wise you will probably be fine. Just flush the stuff out with drinking water and anything else like orange or something.

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    That's a lot of salt. No wonder you puked. That much salt is even too much for an enema of 2 quarts. Try Downing 2 quarts of water without the table salt. If you want to pep it up, put a little Epsom salt and peppermint oil drops. When you drink it quick, it is an enema from the top down.

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    It came up with the water because it was dissolved in the water. Your body didn't just absorb the salt and reject the water.

    If you have health issues go see a Naturopath instead of experimenting on yourself.

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    Drink more water but don't over do it. You probably puked up the salt...

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