Why are some dark skinned black people racist towards light skinned black people?

This is a serious question. I was just reading my Twitter timeline and I noticed dark skinned black people making fun of light skinned black people.

I've noticed this for a while...but I just don't understand it.

There's all this talk about racism towards African Americans but aren't they kind of reinforcing racism by being racist towards other black people that happen to be light skinned?

If this offends anyone I'm sorry. It's not meant to be offensive. And I know that not all dark skinned black people do this.

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    I don't know. My mother is very dark, I'm like Beyonce's shade and my younger sister is paler than mariah Carey, or Kat Deluna. We are all the same race, we are genetically diverse so we are capable of producing a variety if skin colors, hair textures, facial features and over all phenotypes while other races are less genetically diverse and usually have a distinct look to them. Instead of embracing our genetic diversity we discriminate against our own race for members who don't resemble us. Black people with wide eyes make fun of black people with slanted eyes. Black people with looser curls make fun of black people with afros, or blacks with straight hair act superior to those with curly. Blacks with pale or tan skin fued with blacks who have brown or very dark skin. We are all the same people and all the same race. god blessed us with a genetic diversity Asians and whites don't have. We are the only people who can have a child who looks like an entirely different race from both her parents and she's still black, without being mixed. My middle sister looks like a dark skin Korean and my youngest sister Is pale and get mistaken for an Indian or Italian. Instead of fighting because of our differences that god blessed us with, this amazing diversity--- we need to love one another.

    Ps. Dark skin blacks need to get over themselves. We are all the same. Too often do I see dark skin blacks exclude light skin blacks from the race because of their paler complexion. Need I remind you, and educate you that the term "black" came from white people to group us all together. We are not dark, we come in many shades. We are just the first race whites have seen who can get as dark as we do. We range in color and we are brown people. The only Brown people who have such a wide range of skin tones and the only RACE with such large genetic diversity.

  • 7 years ago

    It is because in the black community light skin people are considered better and prettier than dark skin. More with the women than men. A lot of the ones on the darker side probably feel a little insecure because they are not to be seen as good looking as the light in the eyes of many black people so it is their insecurities that cause it. Its very stupid really, theyre all black and will be seen and treated as a black person by society even if they are mixed, unless they are like mariah carey or something

  • 7 years ago

    Honey its actually the other way around in case u haven't noticed...light skinned black people think that because they are light they are more prettier than dark skinned people...they need a reality check they forget people called black beutys being light doesn't make u pretty

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm on the lighter side, and have never suffered verbal abuse from my

    dark skinned brothers and sisters. Those arguments like the one you

    mentioned on twitter are for n!ggas not Black People.

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  • 7 years ago

    I wouldn't call it racism but colorism..remnants of the plantation where we were fiercely divided by color..a wise, strong, and devious tactic by the owner to assure that a group of blacks. be they 3 or 300, remained so disconnected that they felt more allegiance to a Master than to one another..and as we crawled off the plantation less than 200 yrs ago...that division has remained with lighter skinned blacks being more accepted and seen less 'dangerous' than those of a darker hue..entirely erroneous but propaganda to keep us apart as been effective...but it is a swinging door and now darker folks are reacting to the intra/inter decades of being de-valued and sometimes physically and verbally abused...read about the slave girl who was so badly beaten due to her dark hue..psychologically scarred.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


    a.) they feel light people aren't full black ( sometimes they aren't)

    b.) (this one is really common) they feel that lightskinned people feel that they are better than them, you know because all the 'beautiful black woman' are lightskinned or biracial. So this leaves people with an inferiority complex. In reality people only say someone else thinks their too good. because inside THEY believe that person is better than them. SKIN IS JUST SKIN PEOPLE

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Cos they jealous they dark as f**k, Burnt like toast !

  • 6 years ago

    cause they're not really black

    • jeray6 years agoReport

      The original answer was correct, black is a term made up by idiots to categorize us, it also means we have no identity. Whites have no cultural identity, and neither do blacks. Thats why euros dont like white americans for the most part, and africans for the most part disregard blacks. its true.

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