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what should my stage name be on youtube?

I am a singer and I decided to branch out to youtube. I cant think of a stage name for my profile,im not sure if i should use my real name or not. My name is Mariah Galeste, but i do not like the name because i feel like it has no ring to it. I also thought of Mariah Harris because that's my step dad's last name and im not sure what i should do. I want mine to be memmorable like Megan Nicole, Tiffany Alvord, Sabrina Vaz etc.


my problem is, there is a Mariah Carey and i dont want people to mix us up while talking about me.... i wish i had a different name -_- and i want to last for as long as possible

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    The name doesn't make the person. If you have true talent and a bit of luck, people will remember you regardless of what you go by.

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    Single Names are all the "rage" these Days... -Why not just call Yourself; "Mariah" ?!! It DOES have an Exotic "ring" to it ... :)

    Source(s): There's Madonna, & Cher, & Pink, & Adele... .. .
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