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Pin number for a paypal visa card?

So this is my first job. At my work, they gave me like a visa paypal type of card where I guess money goes directly to when I get paid.

So I'm setting up my account, to activate my card and stuff, and it says to enter in my pin. I don't know what it is! Does it say on the card? Or do I just make a pin number up? There's a number on the back where I'm supposed to sign my name, is that it?

Ugh, I'm so confused. PLEASE HELP.

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    Yes, you create your own PIN (as many digits as required) and you remember that number. You don't write it down anywhere near your card ok. And yes, you sign the back. When you go to use the card (at a terminal) it will ask for your PIN to authorize the transaction. Sometimes in stores you might get a choice of either PIN or sign. If you sign, it's the signature you already put on the back that they will be checking against (to make sure it's you). These days most places just accept the card with a PIN as stolen cards can be used if the thief practices the signature on the back. You look after your card like its cash. Cos without it ou can't get your money out without a huge hassle down at the bank.

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