Cancer Woman Aquarius Man compatibility?

Him: Aqua Sun and Mercury, Pisces Moon, Rising and Venus, Gemini Mars

Me: Cancer Sun and Mercury, Pisces Moon, Sag Rising, Leo Venus, Taurus Mars

Also, why do I attract a lot of Aquarius men? I befriend them very easily and every one of them I know eventually tells me they have feelings for me. I have no Air in my planets, Aquarius is in my 3rd house, Gemini is in my 7th, and Libra is in 11th.


yeah I know, I agree with you on that, however astrology is fun to learn about and I'm curious. Won't make or break the relationship though.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hey your Houses have masculine signs. So your sould in the spiritual realm before birth decided to be born when those masculine signs will be in your houses and chart.

    So your husband will likely be of a masculine Sun or Moon is my bet.

    Check ur Juno also.

    I'm a Scorpio but seem to attract the masculine sign females also: my first gf was a Gemini, my second gf an Aquarius, my recent crush a Sagg and this other girl right now trying to flirt an Aries and a Libra.

    Source(s): Scorpio Sun Sagg Moon
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Cancer is TOO emotional and needy for the aqaurius.

    Astrologically it's incompatible but hey it can happen

  • 7 years ago

    You can have a happy relationship with anyone of YOUR choosing. Don’t let the nonsense of astrology try to dictate to you what you can and cannot do with YOUR life.

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