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Unable to add or delete group photo - connection timed out error?

I'm the owner of BookiesToo and I'm currently unable to add or delete a group photo. Each time I attempt to do either, it yields a new page with the message "Connection Timed Out." Any help is much appreciated.


Edited to add: Yahoo needs to make it possible to post responses. Not very effective to have a help forum that doesn't allow for ongoing dialogue! That said, I'm glad to know that my group isn't the only one affected, although not surprised. I'd also tried a different device, different connection, to no avail.

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    Also timing out on changing/deleting photos. Tried with two different browsers.


    Edited to add...24 hours later, it is now working again. I am able to delete and then change the home page photo and I am able to delete photos in the photos section of the group.

    The problem never affected all my groups. Very strange.

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    I too am having the same issue with trying to change my group homepage picture. Can NOT delete nor ADD a new picture. Yahoo giving me a "Connection Timed Out". I am able to change the colors of the group home page However unable to change the picture for 3 days now. I am running Windows 7 have tried both Firefox browser and IE 10 and both are giving me the Connection Time Out error when trying to delete a picture from my group homepage or add a new one.

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    Wish I had an answer for you Cheryl. For those who scroll down in posted questions, mine is there (noting the XML code error) and that i think there are two others stated time outs on the portraits. Such as you I've tried more than one browsers, and as my group is for students, my scholars are attempting from multiple ISPs. Nothing's working...Yet. I additionally posted to Yahoo's recommendations page. Hope anybody at Yahoo someplace can chime in with a time line for a repair. Exceptional of luck...

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    Me too. I have a group that can't post photos. We're all using different browsers, different ISPs. We either time out or get an XML coding error. I've also posted my plea for help to this forum. So far I've had others comment they have the same problem but no solutions have been posted.

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    A connection timed out could be on Yahoo's end or your servers end. It's hard to now which until more people report having the same issue, then it's most likely Yahoo's server. I was able to change the photo on the home page, so it's not affecting me.

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    I am having the same problem with my group. I have tried multiple browsers and computers but the connection still times out.

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    This issue was caused by a temporary problem with our upload/download systems. At this time we believe the issue to be resolved as we've seen several 'resolved' updates and are no longer able to replicate.

    Further, Answers is not a community for chatting so we can't make it possible to post responses to Answers. We are working on a way to make this a more efficient community but it will be some time before we are able to make changes like what you've indicated.

    Thanks for reporting this issue!

    Source(s): Staff experience.
    • Cherry6 years agoReport

      Issue isn't resolved, I've been having it for the past 2 months... now I can't even post a new question to this community due to temporary server issues?

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    I am having the same problem on Nutshell_Cubbyhole.

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