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Why are we Mormons so afraid of evolving consciously?

Why are Mormons so afraid of reality?

These myths we preach may have been necessary in the past to cope with living in a world beyond our comprehension, but with the recent and remarkable advances Mankind has made in science, technology and our own general knowledge of the universe, ourselves and our place within it, having complete blind faith in something which the evidence does not support is beyond stupidity, in fact, it is treachery against everything and the only thing Jesus Christ stood for, the truth. He did what he could with what could possibly be known at the time, he also updated old religions with new revelations.

Why are we Mormons so afraid of doing the same? Why do we try so hard to protect our beliefs, so much that we rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit with our beliefs?

Watch this:

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It is now time for us to do the same and update Mormonism, it is time to face reality.

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    It is important to watch any kind of criticism as objectively as possible. Not letting emotions or what you think you know as the truth get in the way. Just see it without believing or disbelieving is the key.

    I used to know a Mormon who quit the church because he saw how much of it was used to control people and he said bluntly that:

    He could not believe in something that he could not understand. The Bible does not make sense. Sounds more like fantasy.

    What I get from the video is not that Mormonism has NO shred of truth in it. It is saying that they need to take out the BS that is in the religion (like all religions) and update it to match the truth of life that science proves. That's all.

    It's not trying to destroy the religion, or any religion. They are just trying to get people to see the TRUTH in their religion. The truth that can be checked for yourself, so that you need not depend on any man or woman to get it. It is in the mirror.

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    DNA??? Really you were suckered by that bogus deception???

    What was the DNA of the wives of Twelve Tribes Of Israel (and the Tribe Of Levi)???

    Simple question. Simple answer. No one knows. You don't have the various and

    sundry genetic blue prints of the wives of the Original Thirteen Sons of Jacob that

    made for the Twelve Tribes Of Israel (plus Levi).

    The mens' DNA is irrelevant, because it can't be tracked over hundreds of years.

    The women's DNA can be tracked, but only if there is a genetic mutation will it make

    any difference. The likelihood of there being a genetic mutation is like riding a

    unicycle and then getting struck by lightening, twice.

    In other words it does not happen very often.

    There is no such thing as Jewish DNA or Hebrew DNA. Over the years and years

    there has been a tiny few female ancestors that happened to have some genetic

    mutations in their Mitochondria DNA, but this is less than one percent of all the


    So what this video asserted was something. That something is called a lie.

    You were tricked by this lie, weren't you. All of the Anti-Mormon gibberish is just that.

    It does not matter how many times your Homosexual Activist says something, that

    does not make it true.

    You should never believe anything that Anti-Mormons tell you ever again.

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. That

    is what you should be thinking. Chat.

    God bless.

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    Faith is present in Science as well. A scientists theory starts out as faith without evidence. They then strive to find evidence to support their theories. Some do, some don't. Some theories have been debunked while others only seem to open up new theories.

    My point is, just because someone has faith in something doesn't mean they are "backwards" or not evolved. Only someone who is closed minded would think such a thing.

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  • "it is treachery against everything and the only thing Jesus Christ stood for, the truth. He did what he could with what could possibly be known at the time, he also updated old religions with new revelations."

    Sounds like you're the pot calling the kettle black.

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    Discuss with one in all there church buildings on sunday and ask for know-how on there beliefs. Supply yourself as a lot time as you need to come to a decision, in case you still want to convert then go forward. Edit: I wouldnt fear about your Catholic historical past when you consider that nearly all of Mormons came from a Catholic historical past.

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    It is precisely because we face reality that we are not swayed by lying trolls such as yourself.

    If I must choose, I'll follow the burning witness of truth from the Holy Ghost instead of your ridiculous appeals.

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    No intelligent being would post a link to such an idiotic video.

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    Why are trolls trying to lure people to an anti church web site?

  • Many a Masters' Thesis has had this question as its' theme.

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    speak for yourself.

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