Is it just me, or is this the case with you as well?

One thing that seems to really stick out to me is that a lot of kids/family films often manage to be better than most films made for adults.

I dunno, I just seem to have noticed that a lot of kids' movies made nowadays tend to have better plots, characters, themes, storylines, humor, editing, etc. than the majority of films geared towards adults made within the last 10-15 years.

Don't get me wrong, I really like a lot of films made for an audience 13 on up, but I've noticed this trend, especially amongst more recent kids' films like Despicable Me, Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Ice Age and its three sequels, all the Pixar films, the Kung Fu Panda franchise, etc. And while Disney may not be my thing, I can see why most of Disney's animated films end up being regarded as classics.

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    It depends.

    For instance, take the romance genre: there are tons of romance movie that are alike. But every once in a while, there will be a romance movie that isn't like any other. Like "Chocolat". It's one of my favorite movies. It's completely original.

    There are, by the same token, many action films that are alike. Frankly, I can rarely tell the difference between one action trailer and the next. But some people don't need an intricate plot. Some people do just like explosions and weaponry.

    As for Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, and Blue Sky:

    How to Train Your Dragon: I think the main theme is that you shouldn't judge people by what you hear about them and it's possible to grow a friendship from unexpected circumstances. Also, it shows that parents should try as hard as possible to relate to their children, and the children should do the same.

    Ice Age: The first film was well-made. It had a good storyline and a definite goal. The second was okay-- still a main goal, and the romance parallel plot added something new. The third was strange. I didn't even bother to see the fourth.

    Kung Fu Panda: Both films were good. There was the unlikely progratonist, good supporting characters, and a villain to defeat. The villains from both films were definitely made out to be evil in their own ways.

    Disney: Wonderful. Period. Disney is classic for a reason-- they take a child-friendly plot and work in themes that mean something to everyone. Like Tangled (another one of my very favorites)-- the end never fails to make me cry. Because even though it's mainly a children's movie, the love expressed by Rapunzel and Eugene isn't something kids will easily grasp. And the king and queen: only a parent can truly understand how they must have felt on Rapunzel's 18th birthday... another year without their daughter.

    Alright, so Wreck-it-Ralph. Caters to gamers. Particularly those of an earlier generation, like my parents. The children of today don't all know what "Centipede" is. Or "Qbert". But taking both new, old, and original characters to a more personal level is something that hasn't been done before. And it was a hit.

    Pixar: Pixar is supreme when it comes to animation; they never cease to astonish me. The workers at Pixar have an incredible way of taking a strange plot and turning it into a film that is applicable to all walks of life, entertaining for every age, and relatable to every person. They made a beautiful, adventurous, humorous film about an old man who ties balloons to his house and who meets an Asian boy scout, a talking dog, and a giant colorful bird. And another about a rat who pulls on a clueless chef's hair to make him cook. Crazy ideas! If any other animation studio tried either of those ideas for a film, I can guarantee that they would not have been so successful. But that's how Pixar does-- they take something original and unpredictable and turn it into something amazing... usually something that can also make a grown man cry. Literally.

    So it just depends on taste. I, for one, would NEVER put Dreamworks in the same league as Pixar. And Disney. The thing about Disney is that it makes movies that range from children's animated to PG-13 fantasy (like Pirates of the Caribbean, another favorite series). Both Pixar and Disney work mature plotlines into children's films, which is a very difficult thing to pull off. But they always do.

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    I agree with you 100%.

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    Yep, they capture real emotions and imagination :)

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