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Is it possible to get pregnant with the shot?

I gave birth to my daughter on 1/22/13. Before I left the hospital they gave me the birth control depo shot. Well I did not wait the full time to have sex I only waited like two weeks. Well for the past two weeks now I have been having pregnancy symptoms. I am now taking the pill for a little over a week. Is it possible that the depo failed me and I could be prego? I am not exactly sure when my next period is due once the depo cause a prolonged period and spotting. I am sure that its in the next two weeks. I hope at least. I plan on getting a test tomorrow but I need opinions. Is it possible that the depo didn't work and I could be pregnant? Both of my girls I got pregnant with while on birth control but different kinds. Plz help I'm scares out of my mind

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    probably not but is a possibility ask your obgyn about possibilities

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