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Am i a Sociopath, or Narcissist?

Basically, i have A.D.D, a long with O.C.D (Un-Diagnosed) and Possibly Hypochondria, i'm 14 years old,well let me start off:

ever since i was 12 years old, these thoughts of being Gay hit me and i got worried, then started to go and search up on the internet, a LOT about "If i have gay thoughts am i gay" etc, now i don't have them anymore. I'm Heterosexual,but the thoughts REALLY Scared me. i also had thoughts about being a Murderer, Rapist, Child Molester etc.they scared me to death.

I Don't have them anymore.

But now recently, i have had a thought of being a Psychopath/Sociopath, ever since i started thinking of that i got HUGE Fears upon such.

I then started taking tests, researching learning about the disorder etc. and i found out they Mostly have Conduct disorder, i have never really had conduct Problems.

Here's how i rate myself on the Symptoms:


I'm not really a Manipulative Person, i actually despise the fact of using people for personal gain.

2.Superficial charm and good "intelligence"-

I am intelligent/smart, i pass my grades in school, i don't really have a charm of fooling people.

3.Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking-

I don't delude over anything.


On reliability i'm 50/50, sometimes i am, sometimes i'm not.

5.Untruthfulness and Insecurity-

I do little white lies sometimes, and insecure, i'm not really insecure, i'm pretty confident in myself.

6.Lack of remorse or shame-

I have regretted doing something before, shame i don't understand what it's trying to contemplate.

7.Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience-

I do have a little bit of poor Judgment, and i DO Learn from Experience most of the time.

8.incapacity for love-

I do love people, i mean i'd never hurt any of my family members, my girlfriend etc. unless my life was in danger, i mean at least i think i love, i would totally cry of my Mother died.

9.Very Sexually Active-

I've done one thing with a girl, that was a ********, i'll be honest, i am a little bit over confident, girls call me hot, 'cause of my abs, biceps etc. so i go a long with it, then again i think this is just apart of being a teen.

Anyways, i have done some messed up things before, like one time when i was around 7, i went into my room and saw ALL of my things messed up, i went out into the living room, (My niece did it) i grabbed her by the arm (not hard), and made her pick it up, i screamed a little bit at her, i feel kinda bad for it.

I have stepped on a frog on purpose before when i was like 5 to see what'd happen, no response what so ever.

i read a story about a girl that told her b.f to not text, talk or communicate with her at all for 24 hours, she died cause of cancer that day, he saw her in a coffin and she had a note that said "I love you." i was about to cry when i heard that..

but i mean i just don't know,

What's WRONG with me!?

AM i a sociopath, Narcissist, or just a regular emotional teen..



You're stupid, i'm straight.

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    You are totally normal! Everybody on the face of the planet can say very similar things about themselves and tell very similar stories. You are just experiencing the ups and downs of life. When we feel emotions, we REALLY feel them. The fact that you are aware of probably means it will pass just like when you say you thought you were gay. Life's tough, but you'll make it!

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  • 7 years ago

    You're gay! You remind me of the "gals" on Rupaul's Drag Race. Living in the closet can be very painful and stressful.. Teens in the closet are also very angry, which is normal. There's good news, you are not alone!

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  • 7 years ago

    You are so normal. Maybe a bit paranoid. But still normal.

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