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Would it be potential trouble dealing with too many security companies?

I am security guard, and now deal with 4 small companies and may face scheduling conflict in near future, but i don't want to lose trust from any of them,..

One is my current employer, one is my former employer, the remaining two are the friends i picked up in networking.. ( they're small companies, owners can be friends while not working for them yet )

The two "friends " told me they might have gigs for me in near future, not yet..

One site finished a week ago with my current employer, currently wait for employer's getting new site for me.. while waiting, i saw a recruiting ad from my former employer and asked him if i could work on that one, he said ok and then i went there..

In other words, in near future, i may face situation that all of them have shifts for me, and eventually

they will know in some days i work double shifts on same day..( i even don't know if it violates employment law yet )


On the other hand, probably this means it's time to reconsider career.

Due to low pay, deal with more than one firms. When one firm does not have enough hours, go to the shifts of another one to make up hours.. None of them guarantee permanent stability . May face

situation of conflicts of schedules from different firms.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I don't know what country you are in so I will answer this generally. In this current economic climate, I wouldn't leave work that is paying until you had located something else that would pay at least as much. Sure its OK to change carriers but make sure you have one lined up before leaving this one.

    I would then approach your main security job and let them know you need more hours. Surely they have other locations or shifts you could work somewhere. If you could get that stable, then you could drop some of the others.

    Security work is trickier because of the high turn over rate so employers are always having to cover shifts from people who don't show up to work.

    Keep bugging them for more shifts and I think you will come out better.

    Good luck.


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