I have a small business in Boca Raton,FL looking for a website - should I use a company or a Site Builder?

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Just wanting to know if I should use a site builder or go with a company that does web design. I basically need 3 pages and a contact form, no fancy graphics. I have a logo in a PNG ...show more
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I was a web desinger for over 10 years before moving into another field. Gerally any type of site builder is going to be very difficult to work with and not be of good quality. As far as a company, I would go with Elite Strategies Llc http://www.elite-strategies.com/. They are the only company that uses authorship in the search results (the picture next to the results) which means they are pretty much the only ones that use cutting edge technology.

For a site like that, anything more than $1000 is going to be too much - you can always bargain with these people, generally the only cost involved is the designers time.


yahooer Boca Raton local, website owner designed by http://www.elite-strategies.com/

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thanks so much, I put a call into Bruce at Elite Strategies, going to meet with them next week. I tried using the site builder and it was no good, and difficult to work with.
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  • Harley answered 1 year ago
    I would suggest hiring a company if you have zero knowledge of designing but if you have even small knowledge of it then you can easily do it with some site builder as such site builders today have very easy interface.
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  • Chris answered 1 year ago
    I would go with a web builder. You could make something decent. Website builders have come a long way in just the past couple years. Many have html 5 capabilities and most have features that would cost big money to have a design firm make for you.

    I've been using http://www.Talkspot.com. I started out using Talkspot for free, but as with most web builders the free package usually means you don't get your own web address. For $3 a month I got Talkspot Plus which gave me my own web address, an email marketing suite, more storage, 100 email accounts and a ton of other features. As my business grows I may upgrade again to the pro package.
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  • Renaldo answered 1 year ago
    I would say its best to go with a company. Depending on the price. A company could help you obtain your web site goals. They can work to help ensure the successs of your project. If you really want 3 simple pages, that shouldn't cost much at all.

    If you can spare a second, take a look at my service page, as Im a web developer.

    I'm confident I can provide what your business needs to succeed online. And its extremely affordable. Take a look at our portfolio for our work as well.

    Good luck with your site!
    Hope the best.


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  • postal p answered 1 year ago
    Self-Building a Websites

    The cost of creating a website includes money spent on programming software. Any version of Dreamweaver, Flash or Microsoft Publisher can cost anywhere from $99 to $1,500.
    Professional Firms Building Your Website

    Costs to have a professional firm build your site can run anywhere from $100 to $10,000, depending on the firm or individual.

    Hosting is putting the raw data (everything that was programmed and built) onto a secure server. Depending on the complexity of the site and its features, one can spend anywhere from $40 to $500 to host alone.
    Domain Space

    You must also make domain space purchases. Domain space needs to be renewed annually, or every two years. Expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $120.
    Advice on Cutting Costs

    If you go to a firm to build the website and have the literature, images or photos you want to use, submit them to the firm. Often, they will have copywriters that will write the information for you, which can be part of the cost of the project.
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