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How do you think old people will be like in the Future?

I think in the future Old people are gonna blasting gangsta rap, dubstep and Indie music in there car

because if you think about it, Old people now are very attached to their time, they think all this new stuff is crazy, and a lot of old ladies wear dresses and they don't dye there hair and they dont say things like "yeh! she's my BFF!" and Old guys dont have gages and say things like "yeh, man you my *****!"

But I sincerely think that the people who grew up around 1995 til now are probably going to be nothing like the sweet old people today, It will be hilarious!! can you Imagine a whole bunch of young people in like the 2060s or something and our generation just comes up to them saying dumb **** like "cool story bro" and "Swag" and "yolo"

Do you think the future will be like that?

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    We'll tell of the story of when the "YOLO" and the "swag" days were all that... I can actually picture that in the future.

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    I don't know about y'all, but I'll be listenin to the same music I listen to now, even though some is kinda old, ex. David Bowie <333

    I'll also be playin video games until I get tired which may be a lot earlier than it is now..

    Basically, we'll be the most hilarious generation of old people yet.

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    7 years ago

    Imagine people playing "gangnam style" for us in nursing homes? Or what about Rebecca blacks "Friday"

    That will be funny as anything seeing people in later years bopping their shoulders to gangnam style xD

    Source(s): I volunteer in a nursing home.
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    hah, imagine what teenagers will look like and new music genres that will come with time..i dont like the picture in my head ..fjndsjkfnsknfjdsk

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    7 years ago

    Most people mature as they age...

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