Does the controlled Substances act of 1970 criminalize having narcotics in a persons system or for possesion?

The question is pretty self explanatory, I'm just wondering if the Federal law that criminalizes marijuana is criminalizing having THC in your system, or possession of marijuana....Thanks


Please state your source as well.

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    Possession of marijuana does not include THC in your system, under 21 USC § 802. Unlawful possession of any prohibited part of any marijuana plant, regardless of its THC or CBD content, is a federal crime.

    This does not prevent any state from enacting OTHER laws, such as penalizing driving under the influence of THC, when the blood or urine are found to contain a concentration presumed to be dangerous.

    E.g., Initiative 502 in Washington state.

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    "Possession" is also interpreted, legally, as having drugs in your system. However, it is a rebuttable presumption.

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