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tell me all the English football clubs with 'city' in them?

Not just premier league.

All. of. them.

im bored.

BQ: How is your day today?

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    Premier League Manchester City

    Premier League Norwich City

    Premier League Stoke City

    Premier League Swansea City

    Championship Birmingham City

    Championship Bristol City

    Championship Cardiff City

    Championship Coventry City

    Championship Hull City

    Championship Leicester City

    League One Exeter City

    League Two Bradford City

    Conference Premier Bath City

    Conference Premier Lincoln City

    Conference Premier York City

    Conference North Gloucester City

    Conference North Worcester City

    Conference South Chelmsford City

    Conference South Salisbury City

    Conference South Truro City

    South Premier Division St. Albans City

    South Premier Division Cambridge City

    Division One Central Guildford City

    Division One South & West Winchester City

    Scottish Division Two Brechin City

    Scottish Division Three Elgin City

    Welsh Premier Bangor City

    Northern Irish Championship 1 Newry City

    Northern Irish Championship 2 Armagh City

    League of Ireland Premier Derry City

    League of Ireland Division One Cork City

    Source(s): BQ: I'm fine thanks, how about you? =]
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  • 7 years ago

    Bath City

    Birmingham City

    Bradford City

    Bristol City

    Cambridge City

    Canterbury City

    Cardiff City

    Chelmsford City

    Chichester City

    Durham City

    Ely City

    Gloucester City

    Guildford City

    Lancaster City

    Leicester City

    Lichfield City

    Lincoln City

    Manchester City

    Norwich City

    Oxford City

    Oxford City Nomads

    Salford City

    Stoke City

    Swansea City

    Truro City

    Wells City

    Winchester City

    Worcester City

    York City

    But obviously the best teams are Hereford United and Westham United ;-)

    My day has been going well thank you! I've been revising and eating chocolate but I have also gotten through 2 series of The Big Bang Theory so it's been good. How has yours been? :-)

    Source(s): Huge lover of football and indeed Hereford United and Westham United!
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    7 years ago

    Manchester city

    Bradford city

    Birmingham City

    Norwich City

    bristol city

    Lancaster City

    Leicester City

    Exeter City

    York city

    Stoke city

    Lincoln City

    Cardiff city

    St Albans City

    Chester City

    Coventry City

    Gloucester City

    These are all of the English teams

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    7 years ago

    I have the flu, I need a message I am bored shidless

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