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great rpgs for the ps3? any suggestions?

well right now im looking to get dragons dogma but now im questioning it becuase ive heard very great but also very bad things about it. i have kingdoms of amalur and that game is amazing deffinitly looking for a game similer to that. didint like skyrim ( didint like that there wasint many things to fight while walking to the quests) i already have enough shooter rpgs (borderland series, far cry, ect) ive also heard of fable and dragons age but gameplay of them just seem boring like to be able to control my combat and everything like KOA. any suggestions or opinions?

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    My clanmates loved Dragon's Dogma.

    Look up these as well:

    Dragon Age Origins

    Dragon Age II

    Demon's Souls

    Dark Souls

    A new game called Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns will have the gameplay your looking for. Though I suggest you play Final Fantasy XIII and then XIII-2 as they are the prequels to that game. XIII is story driven, and XIII-2 is character driven. Lightning Returns will be world driven.

    Mass Effect Trilogy would be a decent idea. It's a TPS/RPG. It's actually the series that proved you can have RPG and Shooter together and still make an incredible game.

    Fable is actually Xbox exclusive. I've played the first Fable and it is amazing. Probably my favourite game on Xbox hands down, but again, it's exclusive to Xbox.

    Maybe check out Folklore. It's kind of similar to Fable, but not quite as good. If all else fails, you can always Google a list of RPG games for the PS3 and see what catches your eye. I find myself doing this whenever I get bored of the games I have and I usually find one or two decent things.

    Hope that helps.

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    u said for PS3 then u mentioned Fable?

    i would go with ZGamer girl's answer but if u have a X360 look into getting this games as well Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga (turning into a dragon is always better the riding 1, game is awesome)

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    Mass Effect series its a shooter though and best played on PC

    Dark Soul/Demon Soul

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    zgirl is right I love dragons dogma its different thought download the demo before committing

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