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加州大學 monterey bay分校

california state university, monterey bay





不知道有人知道這間校風 ,學生 , 生活機能方面 如何呢? 交通便嗎?



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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    First - the school name is "加州州立大學蒙特利灣分校".

    It is not a University of California (加州大學) campus.

    In simple way to explain - it is one of the few CSU campuses that has the lowest enrollment (any freshmen class of an urban university will have more students than all the students from the entire CSUMB) and the second youngest campus in the system (established for only 19 years).

    The only advantage is you get good view from Pacific Ocean.

    Otherwise - consider yourself located in a middle of nowhere (even you are in California).

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  • Me
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    CSU: California State University 加州州立大學

    UC: University of California 加州大學

    They are different!!

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  • s
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    新學校. 知道的人不多...(連住加州的人都不是很熟). 學校不大. 加起來一萬多人而以. 不少社區大學都比他大. 會去念的人大概local的多. 目前致力研究生態學. 學校本身也花很多精力去創造一個"綠"的環境 friendly.

    學校生活機能與交通....離都會區有段距離. 不買車的話大概只能蹲在校園裡. 校方是有免費公車到附近的都市(Montery Bay), 但是你到那裡念書大概是吃學校餐廳, 住學校宿舍的機會多.

    你念語言學校的話是沒差的. 可以好好的練英文 因為老中應該不多. 會講中文得更少.

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