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Hector Macho Camacho sr 1985 vs Livingston Bramble 1985?

Hector Camacho won the WBC Light weight Title with a unanimous 12 round decision over Jose Luis Ramirez, of Mexico. ,Livingston Bramble stopped Ray Boom Boom Mancini, in the 14th round in 1984, to win the WBA World Welterweight Title. In his last title defense Bramble defeated Tyrone Crawley. Bramble is taller, and Camacho faster,. Who would win and Why?

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    Hello Irene and another really interesting match up of two stars of the 80's! I just wonder if Bramble would bring his pet snake to the ring with him. If so, he may very well have Camacho scared to even get into the ring with him, lol. But seriously. I did have the pleasure of watching several fights from both men in their career. Bramble was a very strong fighter with good power that pretty much a straight ahead fighter with a lot of guts and determination. His 2nd fight with Mancini was a very thrilling and close fight ad many think Mancini did eough to win the decision including mself in that one. Hector "Macho' Camacho was one of the fastest fighters I ever saw fight and was also very tough and skilled as a ring technician. He fought the best fighters and beat most of them in his career which should be enough to one day earn him recognition into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Here is a little rundown of each fighter:

    Livingstone Bramble

    Won: 40

    Lost: 26

    Draws: 3

    KO's: 25

    Best wins: TKO2 Harold Brazier, UD15 Ra Mancini, TKO14 Ray Mancni

    Hector "Macho" Camacho

    Won: 79

    Lost" 6

    Draws: 0

    KO's: 38

    Best wins: UD12 Roberto Duran (2) TKO8 Sugar Ray Leonard, W12 Vinny Pazienza, SD12 Greg Haughen, SD12 Ray Mancini, SD12 Edwin Rosario, UD12 Cornelius Boza Edwards.

    The Fight

    Both men would come into th ring with bizarre ring entrances with the Macho Man doing his familiar Macho Time grand entrance and Bramble with his weird entrance along with the pet snake for dramatic affect. This will be fun. The bell rings for the first round and Bramble comes straight ahead as Camacho circles around him firing fast punches from the outside. Bramble does some good work on the indide but Camacho has an answer for everything he does. Bramble does win some middle rounds to make the fight a little closer but Camacho is clearly the much faster fighter with the greater ring skills. Bramble is game and will make it to the last bell but Camacho is the clear winner.

    Hector "Macho" Camacho WUD12 or UD15

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    Camacho beats Bramble by UD 12

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    Camacho would literally dance circles around a very one dimensional Livingston. Bramble knew how to fight only one way and that was going forward, he was fine as long as he was adding the heat and not the other way around. Bramble couldn't fight going backwards as to where Camacho early in his career like in 85' would stop and bang but had the bearings to know when to get out of harms way.

    Hectors hand speed was far superior to Livingston's they're no even close to comparison. Hectors southpaw stance would also cause problems for Bramble. Livingston stated way back when he beat the daylights out of Mancini that "Southpaws are the hardest fighters to fight, everything they do is backwards." and lets face it Hector wasn't your normal southpaw either.

    1985 Camacho not only beats Bramble but stops him probably on cuts in the 7th Round of a very lopsided fight. Bramble has the b*lls, but that's about it.

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    Camacho should be able to win a decision over Bramble. The speed and lateral movement would be the deciding factor. Unlike Mancini Camacho would not be moving in. He would be moving side to side. He would out speed and out finesse Bramble. Fortunately for Bramble Camacho is not a puncher and never was. This would be to Brambles benefit. At least he would not get hurt.

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    camacho all the way. ko 8.

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