High GPA, but low SAT?

I haven't taken the SAT yet, but the highest I've gotten on the PSAT was a 1740 (590 math, 580 writing, 570 CR). Even I'm even a bit embarassed to post this here.

My GPA weighted is a 3.78. I take 3 aps (bio, stat, and english) and will take 5 (chem, physics, calc ab, and comp gov) next year (i'm a junior). I also take honors, and no academics. I'm trying to get my grade in AP bio up to a B. It is on the verge of being a B- or B, and it's also freaking me out. I'm not sure about Stat too. It's a B- right now, but my teacher doens't put everything in, and I want her to.

I plan on taking SAT 2 subject tests in Bio and Chem, AP Exams, ACT

I also have Multiple Science Fair awards - 1st at States, Honorable mention at ISEF, and a bunch more

I am also the Officer for the Science Research club at my school, where I have participation for 2 years (engineering project where I built prototypes to protect swimmers from injuries in flipurns and finishes; tested energyy absroption - this was involved from my own injury in swimming)

I am a Varsity High School Swimmer, could become captain next year (senior year), I also have done Summer Swimming (swimming since I was 8)

I play violin in orchestra outside of school, preparing for Concerto competition to play solo, went on world tour with orchestra, first chair and concertmistress in Philharmonia last year, moved to next level (highest by audition)

1st chair in 9th Grade (middle school)

I am also involved in service, both NHS and Neighborhood Notes, where I teach unpriveleged kids music and art, and am a Student leader there.

Does all of this make up for the SAT score? Have any tips on studying? Some schools I want to apply to include Drexel, UPitt, RPI, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, Trinity, Columbia, and Brown. My prospective major is neuroscience, and possibly biomedical engineering or chemistry education.



*STAT teacher hasn't put grades in is what I meant to say... SORRY!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'll start with Penn, Columbia, Brown, and Hopkins: Without at least a 700 on each section of the SAT you have very little chance. GPA should be closer to a 4.0 too. Hopkins has the best programs in the world in Neuroscience and BioMed so that program is especially competitive.

    Trinity and RPI are a bit more realistic, but your SAT score is still a tad low.

    Drexel and Pitt are in your range.

    You definitely need a huge improvement on your SATs and make sure you get A's and 5's on your AP exams. EC's are solid.

    Source(s): Accepted at Hopkins, Denied from Penn, Waitlisted at Columbia
  • 3 years ago

    i think of having a extreme GPA is greater proper than having a low SAT score. you may the SAT greater suitable than as quickly as, yet you won't be able to restoration a critically low GPA. i'm no longer familiar with the SAT, considering that I took the ACT. i think of faculties will think of which you're undesirable at taking exams and that's all. As I pronounced, i'm no longer familiar with SAT score yet i think of which you in case you retake and do nicely then you certainly probably do have a huge gamble of shifting into. additionally they seem at different issues to boot your GPA and SAT rankings.

  • 7 years ago

    Yo that is amazing understand this cuz just like u I'm in high school my grades are way worse lol yo u know schools take either or act or sat or GPA u got alot of good extra curricuar activity which is a positive for many schools do doubt urself you got it in the bag

    Source(s): I have 2.5 GPA started as a 2.9 wrestling team member service learner for 3 years have over 200 hours or service teach English to grade school kids I also freelance market
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