What are their vocal ranges/types?

I want to know these vocal types: soprano, mezzo, contralto. And why. Cause some people think for example Demi is a mezzo some think soprano, explain ur argument please.

-Celine Dion

-Demi Lovato

-Jennifer Hudson


-Hayley Williams

-Jessie J

-Lea Michele

-Avril Lavigne

-Mariah Carey

-Whitney Houston

-Barbra Streisand

-Kelly Clarkson

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    Generally those terms are used to describe classically trained singers based on vocal weight, timbre, tessitura, and range. For untrained singers weight and timbre are used since tessitura and range are not accurate for untrained singers. You can further break the categories down for more trained singers into lyric, spinto, and dramatic with lyric being lighter and more agile and dramatic being heavier and fuller.

    I don't know all of the singers so I'll state the ones I know. BZBlaner did a series of videos on youtube describing how to classify vocal fach if you want to learn youself.

    Celine - lyric soprano

    Beyonce - lyric mezzo

    Mariah - lyic soprano

    Whitney - dramatic mezzo

    Barbara - lyric mezzo

    Lea, Demi, and Hayley are sopranos but I am not sure of which type.

    Edit: divadevotee says a bunch of **** sometimes, I wouldn't trust it at all. They have misstated so many vocal ranges and sugarcoat or simply completely mess up many of their analyses.

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    specific, your dealing with puberty and could be till your approximately 20. specific, you will lose your extreme selection in notes and benefit intensity and tonal high quality because it variations. No, you may no longer shop your little voice because it quite is approximately hormones and organic physique growth specific, you have gotten the skill to sing the extreme notes back yet in a diverse way undemanding as Falsetto No, do no longer over sing or over use your changing larynx for the duration of puberty. Trauma will happen in case you do No, there are not any tips from all of us over the internet as they lack skills in laryngeal biomechanics. specific, tip - get a competent voice coach or connect a choir with a competent instructor Your vocal selection would not count maximum appropriate now because it will be changing weekly and in all likelihood every day. you're nonetheless a baby - do no longer even attempt to sing like an person male....you will do harm.

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