I'm looking for some good music artists to listen to...?

It can be any type of music, just please no top 40.

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  • Roman
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    7 years ago
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    Well yeh idk wat u like or what u believe .. ill give u some of my list i know u say specific genre im to lazy to pick it out... srry     i hope u forgive meh :D

    Group 1 crew - His kind of love and don't let me go (pop hip hop)

    Britt Nicole - stand and Gold (pop)

    Leacre - just like you and enough ( rap)

    Misty Edward - arms wide open (balad)

    Kim walker - waste it all ( popish countryish baladish) not sure

    Rachel lampa - elevate and remedy (pop)

    Heather Williams - broken thing and take it from you (pop)

    Toby Mac - forgiveness and without you ( pop)

    Nathan o'neal - prison of war ( pop balad)

    Hb - it is time ( rock)

    Kari jobe - you are for me and find you on my knees (pop balad)

    Kerrie Roberts - no matter what (pop)

    Casting crowns - set me free and does anybody hear her ( pop acoustic country)

    Jonathan thulins - booms away and coat of arms and Babylon ( pop balad)

    Jason grey - remind me who I am ( popish counryish)

    Jimmy needham - if I ever needed grace and I will find you( pop balad)

    Flame - i surrender ( rap)

    Rend collective experiment - build you kingdom here and second chance ( pop country something)

    Level 3:16 - total submission and tell em ( rap hip hop)

    Technopraise - I can only imagine ( dance techno)

    Mandisa - waiting for tomorrow and stronger ( pop soft rock)

    Bethel life - you know me and come to me ( soft balad)

    Colton Dixon - never gone ( soft rock)

    Kristian stanfill - one thing remains and my reward ( soft rock countryish)

    Vrose - Battery (pop dance)

    Dj jireh - come as you are and You come near (techno dance )

    Barlowgirl- never alone (soft rock)

    Benjah - stones ( pop hip hop)

    Kutless - carry me and I am with you (soft rock)

    Mathew west - forgiveness and moved by mercy ( soft rock ) 

    737 - beauty for ashes and convinced( rap )

    Ambasador - Your love ( rap )

    Natalie grant - Human and held ( pop balad)

    Joy Williams - every moment and surrender ( soft pop)

    Bebo Norman - everething I hoped you to be ( soft rock country)

    Trip lee - falling ( hip hop rap)

    hope at least theyll mach  ur belief...ok here we go!!!



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  • 7 years ago

    Shannon Saunders - Heart of blue

    P!nk - Just give me a reason

    Duke Dumont - Need you 100%

    Rudimental - Waiting All Night

    The 1975 - Chocolate

    Josh Record - For Your Love

    Foals - My Number

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  • AMZ
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    7 years ago


    In Flames

    Amon Amarth

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Within Temptation

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  • 7 years ago


    King Crimson

    Porcupine Tree


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Pina colada song-Rupert holmes

    I want you to want me-Cheap Trick

    Mysterious ways-U2

    Magic man & Crazy on you-Heart

    Young lust-Pink Floyd

    Island in the sun-Weezer

    Call me-Blondie

    Beast of burden-Rolling stones

    Source(s): These are great songs! Check them out and vote best answer if you like. Thanks (: Hope you like them.
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  • 7 years ago

    If you like Extreme / Avant Garde Death Metal then look into a band called The Conjuration. They are really underground but are easily my favorite metal band. If you like them, I believe they have their debut album for free on their facebook page


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    Source(s): Personal Preference
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  • i'm me
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    7 years ago

    old school caddy by hit boy

    night by lil jon ft david guetta

    biitchh dont kill my vibe by kendrik lamar

    the art of peer pressure by kendrick lamar

    syllables by eminem

    how you dare by lupe fiasco

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  • 7 years ago

    Green day, sum 41, Avril lavigne, all american rejects, nelly furtado

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  • 7 years ago

    keiko matsui deep blue cd

    try it i like it

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