What do you think of my fantasy baseball team?

10 team league snake draft

I had the 8th pick

C-Miguel Montero

1B-Allen Craig

2B-Jose Altuve

3B-Aramis Ramirez

SS-Ian Desmond

OF-Carlos Gonzalez

OF-Giancarlo Stanton

OF-Nelson Cruz

P-Felix Hernandez

P-Cole Hamels

P-Madison Bumgarner

P-Brandon Morrow

P-CJ Wilson

P-Fernando Rodney

BE-Ben Revere

BE-Mark Texeira (injured)

BE-Aaron Hicks

BE-Jeff Samardzija

BE-Matt Harvey

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  • Pronk
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    7 years ago
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    I don't like Tiexeira much this year..

    And,I think you need more power in your starting lineup.So,I'd package Tex & Altuve,and ask for a closer & a power hitting 2nd baseman like Aaron Hill,Kipnis,or B.Phillips.Or,if there's a decent closer on waivers

    just offer Tex & Altuve for 1 of those 2nd basemen;Then pickup the available closer.

    I like your 7 SPs,and 1 more closer will just boost you up in every pitching category,even an occasional win.I like your team speed;Especially on the bench.I just think you need a little more power from 2nd base,and/or catcher,and I think you'll have a kickass team!


    BTW-Keep a close eye on Matt Carpenter,and Jed Gyorko.They will most likely gain 2nd base eligibility in April,and they hit for power.If you can't trade Tex & Altuve,I'd think about picking up Jed,or Matt.Another trade idea is Tex & Montero for a catcher in the Carlos Santanna tier.

    If Altuve has a great game tonight,cash in on it,and sell him high!


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  • 7 years ago

    In all honesty not good at all I project you stay in 8th place with that team. Sorry dude.

    Source(s): ive won 14 of my last 15 leagues
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