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CARTOON asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago


Please note, for seating (purposes), those with the stubs from tonight's game will have a rights to the seats (as) shown on those ticket stubs.

1.想問purposes在這如何翻譯 因為他ㄉ單字意思是目的 這樣該如何翻


3.as後面的shown有省略什ㄇ嗎? 是不是只接用被動了呢??


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  • Louis
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    7 years ago
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    1. for seating arrangements才是比較正確的寫法。for the purpose of doing something是purpose(表示目的)的寫法。原句好像是中式英語。

    2.as在這裡是連接詞,as they are shown...是原句的邏輯關係,將形容子句改寫成了分詞片語。as = in the same way。如:I invested the money as you suggested.

    3.本句的rights前面不能加上a (=any one),the stubs寫成a ticket stub較合適。此外,will have a rights to the seats也有語病,好像the seats是在票根上有特別標明這些座位在什麼地區。

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