Can I get into NYU? Health related issues...?

Since sixth grade I have had a nerve disorder that has made it difficult for me to attend school on a regular basis. Because of this, my grades have been mediocre with mostly A's and B's with a couple C's. By the end of junior year, I should have about a 3.5 out of 4. This does not include my senior year where I will be taking six AP classes. In December, right before second semester junior year, Phoenix Children's hospital was able to finally give me a treatment that alleviates a lot of the pain. Because of this, I now attend school on a regular basis getting A's in all my classes including AP, honors and dual enrollment. My score for my first try on the SAT was a 2000. As far as extra-curricular activities I'm fairly involved, but because of my health issues a lot of my involvement started end of junior year and senior year.


1. Interact club officer

2. Camp Swift (free sleep away camp for underprivileged, inner city children)

3. Varsity badminton captain

4. Care-a-van (3 week volunteer trip throughout the west coast)

5. Math and Science Academy (graduating with distinction)

6. Science Bowl captain ( regional math and science competition)

7. SSBTR (students supporting brain tumor research)

8. B'nai Tzedek (youth philanthropy organization

9. B'nai Tzedek board

10. National Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY)

11. Temple Chai Temple Youth (TCTY)

12. TCTY board. Religious and cultural Vice President

13. Teach music on Sundays at temple (volunteer)

14. Sun Power (solar company) 40 hour internship

15. Second science related relationship

16. NHS

I recently toured nyu and LOVED it and now plan on applying early admission. I want to do pre med in the college of arts and sciences.

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    is the three point five unweighted? if so, you have a shot. if it's weighted, your chances aren't looking great but there are are ways to improve them.

    also, study the sat using the "blue book". try and up your score a little bit. your score is competitive but if you have a lower tier gpa, you'll need all the help you can get tbh.

    your extracurricular activities are outstanding. though, the common application (which nyu uses) only has space for ten activities. so try to zero in on ones you really love, and have a lot of interesting stuff to stay about them.

    ok, you said you want to be a cas (college of arts/sciences) student. cas is one of the harder schools to get admitted into, so you'll have to really focus on writing kickass essays to make up for your gpa. i also recommend explaining your reasons for a low gpa in an essay. but you have to be very careful when doing so. colleges hate whining and excuses. tell them how you overcame, grew, and bettered from adversity. how it will shape you in the future. that's what they're looking for. it's a tough essay to write, i know, but it's necessary in your situation.

    ok one more nyu-relevant thing i thought i'd add in. schools are really important for nyu. like a different school in nyu changes everything. so if you know you want to do science, you have to have to apply cas. or you could do gallatin, where you choose your major and take whatever classes you want. now, you should be responsible with this. so if you like medicine, you could concentrate in medicine, but take some other classes as well that you find interesting/beneficial to your future. grad schools tend to love gallatin students. when applying to gallatin, your essays have to be completely kickass. you have to show them you're the kind of student that can succeed in gallatin. don't apply steinhardt because it's the easiest school to get admitted into, because literally transfering schools is not going to be easy. ok i thought that tangent may be of use to you.

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