Why is Bowser always kidnaping the princess Peach?

What's with him? Why does he always take her with him???

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  • 7 years ago
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    He's not kidnapping her, Bowser is really just a dude in a suit, that likes to have sex with Peach, and every time Mario gets close, she has to run away to avoid being caught.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    here's a question for creativity

    the actual reason is probably cuz it's a simple story line that can cover a game series

    there are a ton of mario games and everybody loves mario so instead of coming up with a new idea for every single game, nintendo tends to stick with the original story about saving a princess

    there's a protagonist and an antagonist: simple plot

    if nintendo ever decided to make a mature or adult only mario game, i'm sure it would have something to do with the princess running off with browser

    but the whole series and nintendo its self seems to be family oriented so i doubt that would ever happen

    some other possibilities could be:

    1-peach is a witch/wizard/scorcher/etc who has to grant each person 1 single wish and browser wishes to have ultimate strength so he can take over the world so mario has to save the world by rescuing the princess

    2-browser seeks power and he can rule the land when peach is out of the way and mario has to prevent browser from ruling, obviously cuz browser is evil

    3--browser can rule over the kingdom when peach is out of the way and when he rules he can then have all the mushrooms he wants cuz he has an addiction to shrooms: all kinds

    4-browser wants peach dead cuz she cheated him on a poker game and mario has to save her from broswer--in mario 3 for the nes u get a card at the end of each level and in some of the cartoons i think, they play poker--

    i'm sure they're are many other possibilities

    but i doubt anyone will ever know the real reason

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  • 7 years ago

    BS. she is secretly sleeping with bowser and just using being captured as an excuse for being gone

    same thing with zelda games. a girl is always in trouble and being rescued by a guy

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  • 7 years ago

    Cause he was hungry fo some peach-_-

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