How do I keep someone from taking to door off the hinges?

I have a closet in my home that I need to lock down. I have roommates, who are trustworthy themselves, but not their friends so much. I don't rent so don't worry about anything to do with landlords. The hinges are on the outside and there would be no room to open the door if I switched it. So how can I keep someone out of that closet when no one is keeping an eye on it?

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  • paul h
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    7 years ago
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    You can replace the hinges with a style that does not allow the hinge pin to be removed ....hardware stores or home centers, online sites ,etc.. sell them in various sizes, finishes and styles. Measure the old hinge height, width and screw hole placement or take one off and bring it along to match up with. Or you can pin the hinges as Roy suggested...drill holes in each hinge half opposite each other and install a short nail or headless screw in one hole so that the head of the nail or screw also engages into the hole in the other hinge half so that the door cannot be removed even if the hinge pins are taken out.

  • 7 years ago

    I think there are hinges that will do what you want so that the pins cannot be removed. I would think it would be simpler to just bolt and lock both sides of the door. My brother in law years ago made a hall closet so that the kids could not get into it. Yes his kids were into everything and he made it so that you couldn't get into it. How I don't remember but I know he found hinges that they couldn't get into. There is always a way. I would walk into my local locksmiths...after the DIY store...and ask what they had.

  • RoyS
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    7 years ago

    Remove the center screw in each hinge and replace with a pin that also goes 3/8" into the cooresponding hole you drill in the edge of the door. The door will still open smoothly, but it won't be able to be removed by removing the hinge pins.

  • 7 years ago

    Get threaded bolts longer than your hinge pins, put a nut on the end, and strip the threads so the nut can't be removed or hammer the end so it can't come off.

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  • 7 years ago

    Replace them with security hinges. They are a type that doesn't allow the pin to be removed.

  • 3 years ago

    If you can entry the rear of the panel, you could are trying utilizing screws and nuts to maintain it. Alternatively, you could get to the rear of the panel and fix the nuts in location with epoxy cement and substitute the panel. That you may then connect the door and screws to the nuts. A few of the original screws would have been self-tapping screws and not using a nut to maintain the screw in place.

  • CJlove
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    7 years ago

    put a dead bolt on the door.

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