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Replacing a home A/C thermostat - not enough wires!?

I had a Carrier A/C thermostat go bad (model TSTATCCBHP01-B) took it to home depot, and was recommended honeywell (model RTH3100C) - The Carrier only has 6 wires, W,O,G,R,C, and Y.. the Honeywell has 9 - E, Aux, Y, G, O, L, R, B, and C.. The manual says C is option.. but I'm still missing E and L... Honeywell support told me the W wire is the Aux... I have it installed, and neither my a/c or heat is kicking on... any advice?

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    The 3100 has to be programmed. L and B you don't use. I would use the C. Jumper E to Aux connect W to Aux

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    Check in the back of the installation manual under "Optional Connections" (or similar name). You may find that you will need to make & install a jumper wire between two terminals on the thermostat. Follow the instructions for the jumper and your system should work.

    Source(s): I spent an hour on the Honeywell help line for same issue a year or so ago. Tech spt was clueless on the issue and they were no help. Was re-reading the manual while on hold when I found a short sentence detailing the jumper wire in the paragraph mentioned above. Hope this helps. Hit me back w/reply if you found it and it worked. Good luck!
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