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Personalities for these names?

These are my top 5 for each gender, I'd like you to stereotype their personalities, please, for when they are say...10 and under? Just what kind of kid you'd expect them to be.

As a base, chances are they will have brown hair and brown eyes, with a small chance of dark blonde or ginger hair, and green or blue eyes. There's a good chance of having to wear glasses. They will all attend ju-jitsu from age 3 (considering their mother is an instructor, they won't have much choice!) and they'll probably spend quite a few weekends playing around with ponies.

Just pretend we have ten kids, I'll list them in the order we hope to use these names, but you can twin them up and give them ages as well. (Order will be listed for each gender, separately, obviously they need merging!)

James Magnus

Thorfinn Harvey

Mackenzie Jasper

Skyler Elliot

Hamish Alasdair

Garnet Amelia

Blaize Evelyn

Ember Cassidy

Primrose Alexis

Luna Seren

remember, you're giving them personalities for when they are LITTLE KIDS - a nine year old cannot be a hooker, so avoid that kind of comment!

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    I love things like this. I used to ask such questions a lot myself!

    (10 years old) James Mangus...dark hair, brown eyes and bad eyesight so he wears glasses. He is smart but somewhat nerdy and has trouble socializing with others. He loves to play video games, and does not like to be badgered by his younger siblings (which he often is).

    (9 years old) Garnet Amelia has auburn hair (recessive trait no doubt) and brown eyes. She has a light spray of freckles across her nose, and even at a young age is very self conscious as a result and does not feel pretty at all. She also wears glasses, and is a huge bookworm. Her favorite color is pink, and she can braid her hair twenty different ways.

    (8 years old) Skyler Elliot and Primrose Alexis are twins. Skyler has dark brown hair while Prim's is slightly lighter, but they both have deep brown eyes. Skyler likes to keep to himself, and enjoys going to the movies, he's very serious and thoughtful and does not like to be bothered for anything. Prim is energetic, but very shy. However, she is friendly...or tries to be. She is very sweet, and always needing James' help.

    (7 years old) Luna Seren has very light brown hair and light brown eyes. She is very calm and collective and does not get angered easily (except when outright provoked). She likes pretty colors and decorating. She listens to music on a daily basis, and likes to read comics. She also enjoys singing.

    (5 years old) Thorfinn Harvey & Hamish Alasdair are adorable! They both have freckles and chubby cheeks and light brown hair with medium brown eyes. They love playing, and are always together unlike Skyler and Prim. They have an enormous rubber ball that is their favorite toy, and they enjoy coloring.

    (3 years old) Mackenzie Jasoer, Ember Cassidy, and Blaize Evelyn are triplets. Ember and Blaize both have auburn hair like their older sister Garnet, while Mackenzie has dark, dark blonde hair (which people typically call brown). They all share hazel eyes, and are very bubbly young toddlers. Blaize likes to swing and swim, while Mackenzie and Ember prefer to sit out with their mom in the garden and watch birds fly around the flowers.

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    James Magnus- (Love Magnus btw) Down to earth kid, lots of friends, the 'nice guy'. Does good at school&sports.

    Thorfinn Harvey- Sounds like the kid running around showing off his muscles. Kind of annoying.

    Mackenzie Jasper- Sweet kid, loves more feminine activities, such as cooking and drawing and writing.

    Skyler Elliot- Popular, bit of an airhead, backstabber

    Hamish Alasdair (I feel as if this is from the Hunger Games...) Nerdy, geeky dude. Not many friends.

    Garnet Amelia- Sporty girl, more brawn than brains.

    Blaize Evelyn- The cool girl, who doesn't care what people think of her. Few friends, but they are good ones. Good at school, but not athletic

    Ember Cassidy- Small for her age, kind of picked on, not many friends, good at music.

    Primrose Alexis (Now I know this is from the Hunger Games...) Typical nice girl, a bit flaky, her friends take advantage of her.

    Luna Seren- spacey, likes to play pretend, has imaginary friends, is called weird by people but doesn't mind.

    Hope I helped!

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    James Magnus-close with Thorfinn and Hamish,kinda dorky, likes icecream

    Thorfinn Harvey-close with James and Hamish, the one who comes up with plans

    Mackenzie Jasper-close with Skyler, a little spoilt

    Skyler Elliot-close with Mackenzie, the clever one

    Hamish Alasdair-close with James and Thorfinn, the smallest/youngest, mousy

    Garnet Amelia-very proper/posh a little snobby but kind and sweet

    Blaize Evelyn-the fiery one, hot headed, strong, will stick up for themselves and family

    Ember Cassidy-close with Garnet

    Primrose Alexis-the sweet one

    Luna Seren-the quiet one, daydreamer

    thats pretty much all i could think of, hope it helps, LOVE some of the name choices!! :D x

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