Your opinion on these names?

Alright well me and my boyfreind have choosen these names

For a girl: Caydence Madelyn smith

For a boy we choose Kevin _______? Smith

I can't think of a middle name i like these


Warren...but im not sure cause my boyfreinds name is Chad Warren Smith

Any suggestions?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Is Kevin after the director Kevin Smith? LOL.

    I like Kevin Chad Smith, personally.

    Kevin Elliot Smith

    Kevin Rhys Smith

    Kevin Jackson Smith

    Kevin Charles Smith

    Kevin Mitchell Smith

    Kevin Oliver Smith

    Kevin Beckett Smith

    Kevin Bennett Smith

    Kevin Douglas Smith

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Sorry but I really don't like the girl's name it's too "unique" & having a Y in both names looks strange.

    Kevin Michael Smith is nice. Anything really goes with Kevin -- don't do "unique"

    Hunter? Crossbow or rifle?

    I like Jennifer, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Rachael, Rebecca, Abigail // Michael, Matthew, Steven, Patrick

    Source(s): grandma / owner of weird name ALWAYS honest!
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