i have a few transmission questions from my homework i am having trouble with?

these are all concerning a 42le transmission and answeres can be tech a is right, tech b is right, both are right or niether is right

1. discussing a 93 concorde with a bind up in reverse. tech a says it could be leaks between or within the stator support and input drum. tech b states this could be caused by a missing Tru-Arc snap ring

2. discussing a 93 intrepid with an intermittent loss of cruise control. tech a says it could be caused by a new input speed sensor or output speed sensor after install. tech b says it could be caused be a faulty torque converter.

3. discussing a 99 300M that needs the transmission range sensor replaced. tech a says that a conversion harness is also needed when replacing the TRS. tech b says the conversion harness is only needed on the 98 TRS

4 discussing a 95 LHS with delayed gear engagement. tech a says this could be caused by faulty valve body clearance at the #1 check ball. tech b says if the valve body clearance is greater than .007 at the #1 check ball to replace the valve body

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  • 7 years ago
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    P: im not a mechanic 1.b 2.a 3. b? 4.?a

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  • 7 years ago

    You notice that not many are rushing to answer you. You should do your own homework, and possibly learn something because that makes it easier for other techs in the field, they don't have to redo do some dummy's botched job because he/she didn't learn it in class.

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